The littel we Airpower – Apple’s Wireless Charging Pad

The littel we Airpower - Apple's Wireless Charging Pad

Apple never fails to amaze us with its amazing product launches. The recent ones added to its basket is the wireless charging pad named as AirPower. It was launched in September in the year 2017. The tech giant launched AirPower in the market along with Apple Watch 3, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus, and iPhone X. These phones work with their third part chargers named as Belkin. AirPower was launched with a motive of promoting the new trend of wireless charging. Despite of its launch in 2017, it was expected to be out in the market for use in 2018 but uptill now there have been no updates on the same. With the launch of AirPower and iPhones new version, Apple has entered into the world of wireless charging along with an adoption of QI standard

AirPower is wireless charging pad which is oval shape and is accessible for use with iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus, Apple Watch and AirPods which is wireless earplugs and is soon to be launched. The best feature of AirPower is that it has got the capacity of charging multiple devices at the same time and also AirPower allows the devices to communicate with one another so as to work out well on the power consumption. The working process of this is still not clear but Apple is expected to brief about it very soon.

The charging speed of AirPower Pad has not been specified but all that has been mentioned on the site of Apple is the charging pads of Mophie and Belkin gives an output of around 7.5 watts which is needed and is supported by iPhone 8, 8plus and also iPhone X. But Apple watch only supports charging upto 5 Watts. AirPower is not sure to allow any other devices to be charged on its charging pad, but may be the ones supporting QI standard is expected to get an access of the charging pad, but even this is still not clear.

The final date of its launch is yet to finalised, but Apple is expected to do so soon as previously they have stated that AirPower will be out for use in 2018. Apple might as well declare the launch of AirPower in WWDC 2018 which is going to be held on 4th June. May be the AirPods and AirPower can get launched together. The price of AirPower is also a question which has not yet been answered by Apple. We are expecting Apple to answer all our questions soon followed by finally releasing the AirPower soon to be used by the people.

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