Android P Facts and Rumours are all around

Android P Facts and Rumours are all around

Android 8.0 Oreo, the operating system of Google is the talk of the town these days. It has been a boon to all the Android Phones. But now something else is diminishing the impact of Android 8.0. Well, yes you are getting it right. I am talking about the Android P. And the great news is you can now preview the Android P as its now available. Currently popular as Android Pistachio Ice Cream, Android P is ruling the Google Platform by its news.

Android P is now available for the developers. This version was launched last year in the month of March. Android P after its launch had to face various claims and many rumours pertaining to it were spread throughout which are stated as follows:

  • The overhauling feature of Android to support the new generation of smartphones has been created a hype of. This feature has been compared with iPhone X notch calling it to be a copy feature.
  • It was also said that Android P is going to get a complete makeover when compared to Android Oreo 8.0
  • The new icons and designs are going to be created in such a way that can be adapted in all the screen designs of any handset.
  • The new Android OS will be designed in such a way where there will be space for the screen cut-out which is similar to iPhone X and also the display notch will be similar.
  • Android P will be accessible on various screens and also the foldable displays.
  • There are many rumours for the release date of Android P. Some of people stated it has been released in March 2018 and some are saying it was released in March 2018. On the other hand TechRadar stated it to be released around August.
  • Android P is launching the very new feature for the first time which is stricter privacy controls. In this feature, the user gets to control and also the app can get an access to your camera and the microphone too.
  • The notch will be favoured by Android P. Android will be getting the support for the displays by the native with the notches on them with sensors ad earpieces. Notch is called to be the new trend in the smartphone market. The notch is also essentially important for the Google to attract the iPhone users convincing them to switch to Open Source OS.
  • Android P will be including the dark mode which is quite similar to Oxygen Os on OnePlus. This dark mode will give a cool look to the user interface and with an AMOLED display it will sip on the power efficiently for all the devices.
  • The ultimate goal of Android P is expected to be the conversion of Apple to Android OS devices as OS is expected to release and boast many similar and if not similar much better and improved features.
  • Google is calling Android P as Pistachio but this is not going to be the actual name.

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