After a major failure, Apple is expected to enter strongly with an expanded list of Original TV shows but not before March 2019

After a major failure, Apple is expected to enter strongly with an expanded list of Original TV shows but not before March 2019

TV shows are very popular among all age group, considering which now even the giant companies like Apple has introduced some TV shows long ago. But to our surprise, Apple TV shows did not turn out to work well and failed to grab much attention of the target audience. But next year, Apple is expected to launch something big which would act as a turning point for their TV shows. Apple is undergoing the preparation to come out strongly in the field of TV shows. It is expected to launch around 12 new original video series which will be launched in March 2019.

Apple does not hold much experience in creating videos for Web series despite of that Apple is much confident about its Web series and they believe that they are going to give a tough competition to other streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

There are around 12 different projects Apple has been working on, out of which 9 projects are the ones which have somehow managed to grab the attention of the audience and acted as a source of building up the video portfolio in the month of October. Last year on asking Apple, they reported that they have planned a budget of around 1 billion dollars for successfully run their video series, but now as per Times Apple is expected to increase its budget even more. A billion dollars seems a huge investment to us, but it is not actually so. Talking about Netflix, the amount they are investing in streaming the videos is much more than Apple’s investment with the purpose of maintaining its lead in the field of videos streaming. When the video streaming experienced fall in the quarterly earnings, the service providers decided to spend upto 8 billion dollars on the original content.

Apple has been working hard on their video series, and to this they have also been successful in gaining the attention of the people. Apple is under the process of collecting an impressive roster of TV veterans and the excitement accompanied with interest among the people is genuine. People are sincerely taking interest in looking out for all the videos shows launched by Apple.

Apple despite of attracting majority of the population is not expected to replace Netflix in the coming year, but yes it is sure to redefine its own standards in the field of video shows. Planet of the Apps was one of the company’s video shows which was launched last year but it did not turn out to work well and attract the target audience due to this Apple had to face failure. But for the coming year they are expected to launch video web series which is definitely going to be better than what they have launched in the past.

Some of the Web series show Apple has been preparing on are: Carpool Karaoke (Season 2), Swagger – a series on NBA star describing the life and career of Kevin Durant, some comedy show starring Kristin Wiig which is yet to be named, Little America which is a series based on the immigrants in America and many more.

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