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Apple’s iPhone could soon Support Google’s Assistant AI

Apple’s iPhone could soon Support Google’s Assistant AI

Google will now get more recognition, as they have come up with an announcement of the digital assistant which is soon to be out for all the supported handsets powered by Marshmallow and Android Nougat. This is considered to be a major move by Google and is expected to increase the market share before other market players plan on partnering with the manufacturers of the handsets to add their own AI on their respective products.

After years of hard work and efforts Apple is still found to be lacking on the UI of the future. On the other hand Google has launched artificial intelligence with the help of Google Now assistant feature. The AI driven smart helper was termed as Google Assistant. The artificial intelligence behind the Google Home Speaker and Google’s Allo messaging app is expected to be a part of iPhone too now.

As per the Bloomberg report, Google will formally announce the launch of Google Assistant on the iPhone at its weekly Google I/O 2017. As stated by the Bloomerg iPhone versions of Google Assistant are expected to work across all the company’s iOS products including Gmail and YouTube. It has also been stated that Google Assistant will become a part of iPhone as standalone app which will be accessed for downloads by the users.

Google Assistant is designed in a way that will make it to be Voice Controlled similar to what Android has got, the only thing is it wont be pre-installed on the phone.

Google Assistant has got onto many of the devices like Android TV, company’s set top box platform. Google has also introduced Assistant Software Development kit (SDK) which is a suite of tools that will be helpful for the developers to plug the Google Assistant in any of the devices that will meet the requirements. Bloomberg mentioned that even GE home appliances are expected to receive the services which will enable the pre heating of the oven or washing machine by just using your voice.

Currently Google’s Assistant and action is available on the Pixel Smartphones but very soon it will be accessible on Marshmallow and Android Nougat handsets. AI is also expected to be a part of Wear 2.0, Android TV and Google Home.


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Apple’s iPhone could soon Support Google’s Assistant AI

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Apple’s iPhone could soon Support Google’s Assistant AI

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