Apple is paralysing ad-blockers and VPN apps in the App Store

Apple has made certain changes in its policy related to apps especially for the ones that involved the ad blockers on the App Store. It was found that during the rejection process of the developer’s app updates the ad blockers were revealed. Later on, a developer claimed to the site saying the company has reversed the policy based on VPN ad blockers applications.

Apple has put down strict restrictions on various popular VPN based ad blocking apps on their updates as they were found to be lacking in accomplishing the policy laid down by Apple Store. It was found and state that these apps were found to be violating the iPhone app developer guidelines. The guideline they violated clearly states that Apps should use API’s and frameworks for their intended purposes and also have specified for the integration in their app description.

Tomasz Koperski CTO of software company Future Mind, who is quite popular as Weblock and Ablock was found to be clarifying that Apple has denied the acceptance of updates for the applications as they were found against the App Store Developer Guidelines. The only condition put down by the Apple Store is that the app should be found unique, useful and should provide some sort of entertainment value.

On the appeal of Koperski to the App Review Board, he was told that Apple is no more under the process of allowing VPN/ root certificate-based ad blockers on the App Store added to which they even said that the updates approval of the existing ad blockers will not be approved if they are found to be using the same old techniques. After such a big shift, Apple allowed only Safari Content Blocker as the ad blocker whose function is to block the ads in Safari despite of functioning like VPN based clients who blocks ads within all application.

Koperski was also informed that iOS 9 will be launched with Apple supported ad blockers permitted in the App store but they will be limited only to Safari web browser. Apple ensure to support advertising as that is the only source for the developers to make money with the apps.

Its been a while since apple has launched its VPN based ad-blockers but the company is still not that strict with the enforcement of it. Current versions of ad blocking apps will be downloaded on your devices, however future updates shall be restricted.

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