Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

We all are well aware with Virtual Personal Assistants, Smart Cars, Video Games but do we all know how all these technologies came into existence. Artificial Intelligence made it all possible. Artificial Intelligence majorly focus on areas of computer science where it lays more emphasis on creating intelligent machines that works and reacts the same like humans do. The computers made with Artificial Intelligence are capable of Learning, Planning, Problem Solving, Speech recognition etc.

Machine Learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence that serves the systems with an ability and capability to automatically learn and improve from experience. Machine Learning majorly focuses on the development of computer programs that extensively accesses the data and uses it for them.

Machine learning allows the software applications in becoming more accurate so as to correctly predict the outcomes. Machine Learning focuses majorly on building the algorithms to receive input data further using the statistical analysis so as to predict an output value within an acceptable range.

The process of machine learning begins with observations or data so as to look into the patterns in the data and make decisions in future.

The best examples of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are as follows:

  • The Virtual Personal Assistants like Siri, Google Now, Cortana are all intelligent digital devices. They are helpful in finding the information when you ask for it with the help of your voice and that is when they respond well to your question with an accurate answer.
  • Security Surveillance is very common. But do you think it is under human’s capability to keep monitoring multiple cameras at once? No right. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning makes it all possible.
  • Netflix is also another common output which is predictive technology and recommends the users based on their choices, interests and behaviour.
  • Video Games are the best example of AI and ML. The creation of video game characters learns your behaviour and responds further reacting in unpredictable ways.
  • Online Customer Support is an example too for AI and ML. While the customers are browsing the website, they get to chat with the computer support representative but its not the live person you are talking to, at times its a rudimentary AI and it extracts knowledge from the website and present it will before the customers.
  • In 2015, Gmail introduced Smart reply which indicates its capability of responding to emails on your behalf. The machine learning tools automatically suggests varied responses.
  • Google Maps helps in analysing the speed of the traffic with the help of location data. Using that data Google suggests with the fastest routes to reduce travelling time.
  • Paypal a popular online payment platform also uses machine learning algorithms to fight against all fraud. Using the deep learning techniques Paypal undergoes the analysis of various quantities of customer data and leads to evaluation of the risks accordingly.
  • Uber is another best example as it using machine learning algorithms to identify arrival times, pick up locations and drop locations.
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