Ben will upskill you with the know-how of Bitcoin before you start to trade it

Ben will upskill you with the know-how of Bitcoin before you start to trade it

Every now and then new technology keeps on getting introduced, in that case people run after it and start utilising it to the best they can. For an instance, on the launch of chatbots in the previous year, right after its launch chatbots got much demand and people started using it for weather, recommendations of the movie and personal finance too. Some of these were found to be actually of any help to us, but other than that majority of the tasks can be managed on our own.

There are certain chatbots which are quite complex and cannot be well understood one of which is Cryptocurrencies. To make people familiar with the concept of Cryptocurrencies Ben chatbot was developed. Ben was developed with a motive of serving people with tutorials, lesson about Cryptocurrency so as to gain enough information about them. Ben also make people aware with latest updates, news and changes and also teach them with how to buy and sell bitcoins.

Ben chatbots focuses on serving those people who lacks knowledge of Bitcoin, buying and selling process of it. Ben also ensures that people can directly start with buying or selling bitcoin without experiencing a long process of going through established crypto titans. This startup was initiated as a part of Y Combinator’s which somehow managed to raise good funds from various investors.

If a user wish to start with buying and selling of Bitcoin, all they need to do is getting the KYC process completed which will give an allowance to the users to buy and sell Bitcoin in 21 different states. It will also support Ripple, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash rolling which will be out soon. This startup charges 1% for the buys and sells which is comparatively very low than the other major exchange service providers.

This app will also let you connect with your friends so as to identify how much return they are able to generate analysing who is a better investor. This app provide utmost security, as the private keys will be made available only on the personal device of the users, despite of all the cryptocurrencies available on the cloud. This will not allow the buying or selling of bitcoin without the approval of someone who has got access to your phone. Incase, the users lose their phone, Ben provides them with backup seed.

Ben is beneficial only for the ones who lacks knowledge in Bitcoin and is not found to be appropriate for the one who is quite experienced having a high value portfolio and has requirements for advanced features and high security. The major objective of this startup is help those who do not have technical knowledge. Ben has the capacity of answering each and every question asked by the people who wish to gain maximum knowledge before they actually start trading in Bitcoin.

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