The Most Effective ASO Strategies to Keep in Mind

Best Tactics To Consider for ASO

With increase in the number of apps in the Google Play and Apple App Store, App store optimization is one of the core elements to be taken into our consideration. Effective ASO for mobile apps which ensures that your app meets the requirements of app store which ultimately takes your app to the top of the result page. But as a marketer we look for the strategies and tactics which will help you with a better discoverability of your app in the app store.

The below given are some of the most effective tactics which is sure to take your app to the top of the page.

► Get hold of your Customer and the Competition around you

It is very important to know and understand who your customer is or will be. It is important to learn more and more about their app nature and buying behaviour. The points like their preferable language, major reasons for downloading the app, their needs and requirements should be taken in consideration. Not only this, even the competition around you should be considered as this will give you an idea of the competitive edge, keywords that the competitors target, number of keywords to be targeted etc. Analysis of the customer and the competition in the market will help you strategise the App Optimisation technique more effectively.

► Understand the factors for the App Store Ranking

There are certain app store ranking factors which are important to consider to reach at the top of the result page. Factors like Publisher name and reputation, Keywords in the Title and Description, number of downloads, number of comments etc. These factors does not remain constant and changes with the time which then requires you to stay up-to-date with these factors and meet the requirements wherever needed.

► Choose the right app name

The app name is not just for the branding purpose but it plays a significant role. To make your ASO more effective, app name should be framed including the relevant keywords as the title of the app. The maximum number of characters a title can range in the App store is 255 characters and it can allow as many keywords as you want. However, it is not advisable to keep the titles long as they are truncated on the search result page. The title of your app is the first impression on the users, considering which it is preferable to keep the app name short and sweet augmenting it with only the required and important keywords ignoring the rest.

► Create a unique icon including the screenshots and videos on the main page

A users gets hundreds of app to browse, which states that there has to be a strong reason on convincing the users to choose and download your app. The icon of your app plays a significant role in attracting the customers and creating the first everlasting impression on them. Your icon should very well define your app and its significance in order to compel the users effectively. Along with it adding the screenshots and videos also can attract the customers as it can give them a glimpse of your app. It very well describes your app and serves the users with the visualisation of how your app will work for them.

► Localize Your App Listings

When your app is available in the global market, where you get to see people from different countries speaking different languages, it is important to consider the language as per the need of the targeted audience segment. It is important to localise your app listing as per the market needs. Translating your app in different languages can give your app an exposure to get the visibility across the whole globe which will ultimately increase its ratings and rank on the search result page.

► Create a convincing description

The description of your app plays an important role as it makes the users aware with how useful your app can be for them. Describe the potentialities of your app in simple and precise language. Do not forget to clearly mention the benefits of the app and the offers it contains. The start of the description needs to be as attractive as possible as only then it will grab the attention of the readers and will make it easy to compel the users to finally download your app.

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