Bumble’s reply to March’s Patent Lawsuit

Bumble's reply to March's Patent Lawsuit

The Patent company of Tinder filed a case against Bumble for infringement of Patent and also for misusing the intellectual property. Match put down allegations on Bumble that they have copied Tinder’s concept for which a patent was already filed in 2013. To this Bumble has responded. They have published a response letter on their blog and various other sources of news distribution.

Bumble in their response has laid much stress on actual litigation and is focusing more on making people aware with the information which briefs people about Match’s decision of suing the patent claim. It was also stated that the lawsuit was passed when Match made repeated attempts to buy Bumble. There have been no negotiations between both the companies Match and Bumble. For the very first time, Match has talked about the possible patent infringements by Bumble. Bumble stated that this might be one of the tricks of Match to force Bumble so as to make a deal or they must be trying to make Bumble unattractive for the customers by making them feel scared off by the legal liability.

Bumble has agreed with this analysis considering which they even stated that they are not interested in any of the scare tactics of Match and also mentioned that they wont let the baseless lawsuit intimidate them.

There are lot of differences and a strong argument going on between both the companies and Bumble has stated that they will never surrender and sell themselves to match, no matter what the price tag is. Bumble was even asked if they have faced anyone else who made a competing offer, to which they answered Bumble is looking into the opportunities of other potential clients but the conversations with them have never affected Bumble.

Bumble when came across the lawsuit, they commented that they wish to dispute the lawsuit filed by Match calling it a baseless claim and wish to provide proper clarifications y making court aware of their story.

Bumble has very clearly stated to Match in their letter that they have been working hard on providing proper security to 30 million users and stated that Match should rather focus on improving their behaviour over the platforms instead of putting allegations on Bumble. Bumble stated that they prefer to stay focused on improving their user’s experience.

It will be exciting to see what happens next between Bumble and Match case.

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