Create gorgeous web animations just by dragging and dropping using Webflow

Create gorgeous web animations just by dragging and dropping using Webflow

Gone are those days when the designers used to create engaging designs using Flash, Silverlight and Active X. But now with rapid advancements in the technology it is possible for them to create attractive, engaging animated websites with the help of HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript and the best part is that it does not require any plugins.

Webflow is called to be a service where the users get access to develop and create the websites visually just by dragging-dropping and filling appropriately in the blanks. It has newly launched a new feature which states that it will now be able to engage animated elements into the pages.

The creation of all these animations is done through a timeline tool, which indicates the effect or the transformations which needs to be applied to an element. It also specifies the order in which the event should happen.

Visual development tools do not have much recognition amongst the web developers and are also not well justified. There have been certain bad experiences with the services like Wix and Squarespace where you find yourself locked into their platforms. All these services help you create an attractive website, but ultimately it will be of no use when you will find difficulty in shifting your content to another platform.

On the other hand, various other services are popular in terms of exporting questionable code. They have been found committing cardinal sins where they give elements undecipherable ID and class names, and it also witness the use of inline CSS to style the page.

Bryant Chou, CTO and Co-founder of WebFlow stressed on proving that his product was not like the above ones stated that they have adopted the strategy of constructing the webflow as the subsequent visible strategy to construct software program. He also stated that they will represent themselves as an abstraction layer on the constructing blocks of the web, that can be HTML, CSS and Javascript.

In software program there is high level and low level programming languages Chou considers Webflow as a high level language for the net. He also mentioned that Webflow produces semantic code, clear CSS lessons and also fails to use loopy tables.

Chou ended by saying that in order to be productive you need to be an expert of your own field. Devs is capable enough to construct HTML5 animations and all this is made possible without even having a peek into StackOverfow to find the right syntax, or looking for the misplaced semicolons by spending hours on it. He also informed that the device is not just for the informal customers but it can even be used to create skilled and refined webpages.

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