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The Developers Preview of Android P is now out for Launch

The Developers Preview of Android P is now out for Launch

Google has released the developer’s preview for the upgraded version of Android P in the month of March. The changes this time are expected to affect the developers on a higher extent and not much to the users. This has been basically developed only for the developers as of now and due to this it is not expected to be used by us on day to day basis.

One of features is the built- in support for the notch at the top of the screen where it will be cutting into the display. This support is going to be important and is similar to one in iPhone X. During this, the developers will also be able to check and test if the full screen apps will set well with the notches and also if they are workable with the new tools of Google.

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There are some notable changes in the notifications category as well where a new look has been given to the notifications from the messaging apps. As per these changes, the recent lines of your conversation will be displayed. You will even be able to reply inline right inside the notification which is quite similar to iOS iMessage notifications. All the apps will have an inclusion of Smart Replies.

Other notable change is in that the users will get to see is the tweaked look for the Quick setting panel and notification drawer which is all with rounded corners. This is just the developers preview Also Android is launching the standard dialog box UI where the apps can undergo their identity verification process with just a fingerprint. Other notable changes are as follows:

  • The videos and the image codecs will get more built in support and this will also include HDR VP9 profile 2 accompanied with HEIF.
  • This version will also support the WiFi RTT which enables the app to get hold of indoor positioning data. This is in a workable condition as it is able to measure the distance to various WiFi access points.
  • The ART performance will improve and so will be for all the apps written in Kotlin.
  • Google is making the developers aware that they will warn all the users who download and install the applications which are operating on a platform which is an early version than the Android 4.2
  • The access to camera, mic and other sensors will be restricted by Android P for all the apps which seem to be idle which means if the app background is not active you will face difficulty in accessing your microphone.
  • It is featured with a multi camera API which will help them to get the data from more than one camera sensor at once and in the other case where the phones are having two cameras at the back of the phone, the apps will have a standard way to get control over them.
  • With enhanced Autofill facility it will be easier for the password managers to get an entry to your passwords.
  • There are changes in the control power efficiency of the Android which includes Doze, Standby and Background Limit.
  • Google will soon be starting a process where they will be also be putting certain restrictions on the access to some of the non-SDK interfaces.

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