Digital Marketing in the Age of IoT

Digital Marketing in the age of IoT

Internet of Things (loT) very well defines the network and interaction between varied devices which has been facilitated with internet and is used in our day to day life. Such devices then help in transmission and collection of the data via Bluetooth signals, beacons and cloud respectively. IoL is the new age of Mobile Application Development. Customers get a lot of importance because of IoT. loT communicates with the users, analysis their behaviour, understand their needs and fulfil it all. Considering customers as their priority, loT has made many processes easy for the users one of which is the buying process which can now be done on just few clicks from a bunch of clicks. With such benefits of loT, there are new doors opening to the world of Digital Marketing and is expected leave its mark on the world.

Let’s see how loT will influence the Digital Marketing:

► Contextual Marketing will b completely transformed:

loT has introduced new devices in the market which helps in accumulating the accurate data of individual users, with the help of which it becomes easy for us to analyse and determine the behaviour, nature, buying pattern and need of an individual. Based on this data, marketing texts pertaining to the need data collected is being formed which updates the consumers with their day-to-day needs.

► Development & Growth of Marketing Agencies:

Marketing agencies will now have to come out of their comfort zone. Their job will not only end to serving the clients with traditional marketing services, but they will also have to create the platforms for their clients providing them with the right technical assistance in all different aspects focusing majorly on data collection and interpretation.

► Monetisation of the information:

The conversion rates of the marketing agencies are being increased by using the information shared by users like us over the internet, not only this but the information shared on our smart phones also helps in conversion rates.

► Improvements in the securing the privacy of the Data:

loT leads to accumulation of the Data, which brings along the major responsibility of protecting the data in the right way. Considering this need, involvement of developed encryption techniques will be considered as a part of the process to provide right security to the data.

► Customization and Timely Delivery of the Messages:

loT has been developed in such a way that it leads to the identification of the right time to deliver the messages. This has helped the stores to approach the customers by sending a notification exactly when they are near to the store. It also can be used to ask the customers for their instant feedbacks.

► Prioritisation of loT data by Digital Marketing:

Various platforms of Digital Marketing will now have to develop in a way that can help them identify the loT data easily, as they have to deal with a lot of data on constant basis. loT signals will help in accessing the right data which will be then interpreted and analysed.


IoT technology will aid in bridging the communication gap between the marketers and the customers. The introduction of IoT technology has offered the marketers with the new avenue of studying the needs and buying patterns of the customers. To study the way customers interact with things and also their expectation pertaining to the messages, marketers can divide the customers as per their needs and buying patterns. The only matter of concern is Will customers and Marketers accept the IoT technology?

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