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Mobile App Stats that will Help you build Effective app as per the Market Demand

Mobile App Stats that will Help you build Effective app as per the Market Demand

The trend of mobile apps is gaining much popularity. Everyday some or the other new app is being launched in the market. Not because its very easy to create and develop an app, but to meet the needs and demands of the market. You must be thinking app creation is an easy task and can be done without much effort. The actual case is not so, App Development takes in a major investment. It is a comprehensive process which starts with Research, Planning and Strategic Marketing. Success cases in Mobile App Development are very rare, if you wish to be one of those it is very important to know how and where to begin from.

The generation now is so fond of mobile apps, that more emphasis is laid on embracing mobile apps. Before you try your hands in mobile development apps, it is important for you to be aware of complete mobile ecosystem. It is important for you to identify and research on target audience, engaging the audience along with checking on the mobile products available in the market for development. The best way to get acquainted with Mobile App Development Trends, the list of 50 Mobile App Statistics will help you in your decision making process in the best possible way:

Before you start you journey of building and developing mobile application, it is significant to analyse the way mobile activity is being prioritized by the people.

The mobile app stats will help you understand this:

Mobile Usage:

  • Numbers of mobile users are more than 3.5 billion and it is expected that by 2020 the users will cross the figure of 6 billion mobile users.
  • Around 70% of media time of the users is spent on the Smart Phones.
  • The audience engagement on mobile is comparatively double of the desktop users.
  • 80% of the internet usage will be driven via mobile phones.
  • The visits on the mobile apps are not the same but are unique every month.
  • Users are so used to peep into their phones every now and then that on an average the usage of phone by an individual in just a day are 150 times.

Spending on Mobile:

  • More than 90% of the people use their phones for decision making regarding some or the other thing.
  • More than 60% people deny using a website which does not support the mobile site.
  • 95% of the people who search for the product on the phone have made related purchases.

Mobile Marketing:

  • 70% of the companies have adopted mobile marketing as their primary strategy.
  • Push notifications will now be accepted by 43% of the mobile users.
  • As per 35% of the marketers, they believe that mobile email campaigns have given them lot of benefits as it has increased considerable amount of ROI.

Mobile App Usage:

  • With more than 8 million apps in Google Play store followed by 2.2 million Apps in the Apple App Store and 700k in the Windows store, the app market is bound to grow high.
  • The number of iOS app downloads in the year 2016 was 25 billion and the same for Android phones was 90 billion which has increased tremendously in 2017 to put down into number it was 197 billion.
  • The visitors on mobile apps are comparatively more when compared to native apps.

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