Essential Prerequisites for Designing a likable Website

Essential Prerequisites for Designing a likable Website

Designing a website is an art and in today’s high tech world it has got extremely important to make sure that the website is designed focusing on the needs and demands of the users and should deliver the user a better experience. This will not only engage the users but will also help in building good brand reputation, enhancing the visibility and authority.

There are certain obstacles being faced while accessing the website, for which the necessities of universal design. Fundamentals stated as follows needs to be considered when you are designing your website design inorder to ensure customers gets a good experience and can easily access all the features.

► Install Automation in the Key Features

UX should be designed in such a way that it can easily understand what a user needs and should aid the users according to the needs giving them best experience. This will be made possible only when the functions of website run automatically on their own. Also, website should be able to engage the customers effectively by customizing their experience. Automation in the key features will simplify lot of processes.

► Make the right color choice

Color combination of the website is the core element to attract and engage them in the websites. The color of the text should complement the color of the background and should create a visual appeal. The text should be readable enough and should be in proper contrast with the background color. Certain users have color blindness, some prefer using a dimmed screen and in their case it gets extremely significant color choice has to be wisely.

► Easy Accessibility of the Keyboard

Not all the visitors are comfortable with using the mouse to navigate the website. In that case, keyboard helps them to navigate and develop an interaction with the website. If the integration of the keyboard is effective, it can be even operated easily on the mobile devices. The keyboard accessibility should particularly consider two most important things: ensuring easy accessibility of all the links by the tab key and also a clear visual indicator of the link selected should be shown.

► Let the users choose

Allow the users to customise the content they wish to see on the site. Let them choose between website, app or service as that will ultimately increase user satisfaction. Getting control while interaction gives the users a sense of security and they start feeling familiar with the brand. This will ultimately lead the customers sharing the content. Purchasing products or signing up for certain services.

► Acknowledge Responsive Design

The content on the site can be accessed by the users from any of the devices which make it important that the content to be displayed should be visible accurately in all the formats and devices. But adapting design for all the variations might get a little tougher. In that case Responsive Design can be adopted this majorly focuses on proper combination of style sheets, flexible images and also fluid grids. This will automatically make the required adjustments as per the screen size without the need of making alterations in the UX or the UI.

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