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Facebook could hurt publishers by taking the news out of news feed

Facebook could hurt publishers by taking the news out of news feed

Facebook is found experimenting some or the other things to give the users with the best experience they can. While testing and implementing some of their experiments, Facebook found to come out with an unacceptable feature that will impact the publishers to certain extent.

The feature is based on the removal of liked pages from the main news feed which will then be gathered in a section separately called as Explore. Facebook tried and tested this newly introduced feature in six countries so as to get an idea of its acceptance and workability. But to their surprise the results did not turn out to be positive. Reports stated after implementation of this feature of facebook, traffic to the news feed dropped by 60-80%. Reports also stated that the publishers found it inappropriate as publishers did not get good response out of this, and when they use to rely on the facebook traffic, the traffic did not maintain its consistency and used to run away as soon as it arrives without even benefiting the publishers.

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All this created a lot of anxiety amongst the publisher’s community facebook tried to calm it out but it did not work well. The test was conducted in Sri Lanka, Slovakia, Serbia, Guatemala, Bolivia, and Cambodia. On the launch of this plan, it was expected to be the future product of facebook and people thought that it will not be on the field in present.

Facebook assured that this feature shall not be rolled out for now, still the publishers are making it a matter of concern for all of them. In the year 2012, various social media sites altogether launched an app which shall helps the users to share their news feed with friends and family. Initially the app managed to get good traffic but then it did not last for long. Users started to object when they found that the articles they have read where posted on their News Feed even without their consent. This made Facebook change the visibility of Feed.

On removing the Liked pages from a user’s main News Feed, there has been severe impact. The News taken out from the news feed of the Facebook has impacted the Publishers to a higher extent. One of the researcher stated that the content of facebook gets a lot of strength when it is found connected to social stream, excluding the news from the Social Stream is sure to leave a negative impression over the publishers and will to engage them.


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Facebook could hurt publishers by taking the news out of news feed

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Facebook could hurt publishers by taking the news out of news feed

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Facebook could hurt publishers by taking the news out of news feed

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