Google Launches Tools to Improvise the Page Speed on the Mobile

Google Launches Tools to Improvise the Page Speed on the Mobile

Mobile Sites at times face certain issues due to which it cannot deliver satisfying experience to its users. For this the Google has developed and announced Mobile Speed Scorecard and Impact Calculator tools which will act as an aid to mobile sites for enhancing their user experience. At the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, speed scorecard was introduced which was called to be a comparison tool useful for the purpose of conducting a comparative analysis.

The other tool which was developed by Google is Impact Calculator which is useful in the calculation of the revenue impact of speed for a site. Majority of the businesses are now thriving to creating their online presence in this competitive market. In that race, not every business is able to create an effective mobile friendly website. Majority of the business face lot of problems pertaining to the slow mobile sites. Considering this, the business firms works on finding out some or the other ways to help improve the speed of the site in order to deliver better digital experiences to the consumers.

Users cannot for so long for a site to load and show its content to them. As per a research conducted by Google, it was stated by them that around 53% users visiting the site leaves without viewing the content as the site takes more than 3-4 seconds to load and display its content. Well, to overcome this very common mobile site related problems faced, the tool like Mobile Speed Scorecard is sure to help. This tool will allow and give an access to the site owners to check the speed of their site loading and can also undertake a comparative analysis of their site with the other sites to identify the gap. Scorecard is said to be a very effective tool as it is powered by the Chrome User Experience report which is being featured with the largest database of real user latency data briefing your more about the user experience of Chrome popular destinations of the website. As per Google’s statement, this report will give you analytics of thousands of sites from 12 different countries. As per Google’s guide, a site should not take more than 5 seconds to load with 3G connections and not more than 3 seconds for 4G connections.

Other tool of Goggle named as Impact Calculator is also very useful when it comes to quantifying your revenue impact of a site’s speed. A slow mobile site is said to lead a customer towards frustration which will ultimately decrease your business. The delay of even a single second will lead to 20% fall in the conversions. In this case, the calculator helps in the estimation of the monetary impact so as to identify the positive consequences of improving the speed of the mobile site. This calculation is done with some inputs. With this calculation site owners will get an idea of the benefits they will get on reducing the loading time of the site. One of the Google’s major focus now on will be the speed of the page. As an update from Google, from July 2018 onwards, the ranking of the site with slow webpages will be decreased too.

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