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Google’s Project Ara Modular Smartphone

Google’s Project Ara Modular Smartphone

Google is undergoing a project of building a smartphone, an Andorid Smartphone which will be assembled using interconnecting components. The motive of Google behind launching a smartphone is to reach millions of people and even to the ones who does even know what a smart phone is.

Considering Mobile to be the largest technology platform, Google with a motive of opening smartphone innovation initiated with the Project Ara. Google gave a glimpse of its Project Ara to the public in May 2016 and now it is close to completion.

How will the Project Ara Work?

The device of the project ara has been built in a way which can allow attaching six-plug-play components. Larger and smaller frames are expected to be offered in future.

All the parts of a phone including camera, displays, speakers etc can be added as a module in the phone which will enable the offering of varied applications. There will be no need to swap out the major core components like processor, memory or storage, but these will be built into the frame as standard with the added battery, screen, antennas and sensors. The best part of this phone is that these modules can be removed safely even when the power is on. It can be easily ejected like a USB drive.

Google has teamed up with various hardware partners like Panasonic, TDK, iHealth, E Ink, Toshiba, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, and Samsung to create various modules as stated below:


With the potential of personalisation in the camera Google Android Smartphone has got the camera module which can be removed if you don’t feel the need of it.


The phone enables the video to show off a kickstand module that will be handy and easy to use especially for the ones who wish to take group selfies or use the phone with media purpose.


Small loudspeakers are one of the most attractive modules of this phone. The speakers occupy a very little space in form of rectangular slots on the frame.

Secondary Screen

Google’s phone has got a square screen that can even be fixed at the back of the phone. The screen is expected to utilise less energy, deliver high visibility E- ink display technology.

Google is trying hard to come up with the creation of all the modules on its own and offering the people with high resolution camera, high quality speakers, high capacity storage. Added to this will be the decorative word, concrete and colourful modules which can be personalised as per the needs. The modules cannot only be used for their primary motive but it can even be used to check the insulin levels.

Google started with this concept in the year 2012 and started working on it from April 2013. Followed by this the Phonebloks module of Google’s Phone was announced in September 2013. Project Ara was then announced by Motorola in October 29, 2013. Google then presented the working prototype of Ara smartphone in the year 2014 however if failed to show what was expected. In the year 2016, Google finally revealed the Developer Edition where they very well defined the base phone with its core components. On September 2, 2016 Google gave its confirmation on launching the Google Ara phone in the year 2017.


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