How iBeacon is Making Space in the Mobile App World In different Business Verticals?

How iBeacon is Making Space in the Mobile App World In different Business Verticals?

iBeacons are not only considered just a part of advertising, brand promotion or shopping, but it is also has made its place in many of the business verticals. iBeacons have made life of people easier.

iBeacons have proven to be useful to not only the business but to the users, the general public as well. It has helped in the improvement of business processes, saving money, identifying where things go wrong and correcting it as and when needed.

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Below given are some ways in which you can use iBeacons accompanied with the mobile applications to improvise your business verticals:

Easy Tourism:

iBeacons enables the users to take tour which is guided by our ownself. It gives us detailed information about the place and can be used as a replacement of Maps, Gps etc.

Retailing Business:

iBeacons helps in the accumulation of the data which determines the total number of footfalls, the visit areas, items purchased and total sales. This data then aids in scrutinizing the behaviour of the customers and their buying pattern. iBeacons if installed can send timely notification to the customers updating them with accurate information.

Easy Access to Source of Entertainment:

Bookings can be made sitting in any corner of the world even without cash in your hands. Recommendations will be received based on your location or area using which you can finalise the place of booking to be done.

Improved Hospitality Services:

iBeacons leads to improvement in the way of welcoming the guests. Check-ins in the rooms has got much easier and hassle free. Not only this, iBeacon has replaced the traditional way of ordering the food via room service and has made it easier to order the food with the help an app.

Convenient Transit:

iBeacon helps general public with the right amount of information pertaining to nearby tracks, helps in navigating the check-in gates and also lets us buy the tokens directly from the app. It also enables and allows us to keep a track of our luggage which is possible because of the beacons fixed in the luggage.

Spread of the information:

Employees are instructed over the phone which is possible only because of iBeacons as it facilitates with sending custom messages to the employees on their phone, rather than opting to call them in person and instructing them. This will lead to clarity in the instructions and one time delivery to all the employees.

Access to Automation:

iBeacons has offered us with the automatic technology which has made it possible turn off the switches automatically without manual efforts. Locking & Unlocking is now possible automatically. All the electronic gadgets can now be operated just with a click of button.

Facilitating with the Car Parking:

iBeacon mapping can help your customers find the space for parking during the busy weekends. Even without driving it will help them to get to the vacant area.

Servicing your client to your best:

The cleaning of the empty rooms or cabins can be done without disturbing the guests. It also helps in notifying the clients waiting in the meeting room to make them aware of waiting time. It will increase their trust in your brand. With such powerful and effective functions, iBeacons are proving themselves to be useful for multi business verticals. Majority of the businesses in the industry are accepting iBeacons and they are satisfied by the way iBeacons is empowering not only their business but the users as well.

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