The increasing heat of Amazon’s battle with Google in regards to the Smart Home Products

The increasing heat of Amazon’s battle with Google in regards to the Smart Home Products

Amazon recently notified Google that they will no longer be listing any of the smart home products associated with the Nest. As a consequence to this decision of Amazon, Nest decided to withdraw all its products from Amazon. As soon as the existing stock of nest products is sold out there will be no more nest products available for selling on Amazon.

Since Nest was absorbed completely by Google this February, they were expecting a reaction to this decision of their’s but somehow the reaction wasn’t as per their expectations from Amazon. Nest stated Amazon that either all the Nest old and new products should go live on the portal or not even a single one should be made available for selling. There are some hidden reasons behind this decision of Amazon which are yet to be revealed.

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Nest is into offering various products like thermostats, doorbells, cameras, and alarm systems that can build a connection with Google Home voice activated speaker which is called to be one of the biggest competitors of Alexa’s main competitors.

But in smart home market, Amazon still has Echo which is powered by Alexa. Talking about the hardware side, Nest has smart thermostat and various other in-home features like security followed by some smoke detectors. On the other side, Amazon has Ring to be presented in to the hardware category.

This decision will not affect Nest much as all its products can still be diverted to other channels and distributors as well. On other end, Amazon is one of those companies who is striving hard to achieve excellence in various markets. Amazon is also trying its hand in the streaming field as well. Amazon has got success recently in many operations one of which is programming and also Amazon has been somewhat successful in beating Nest and acquiring Ring. All these are some baby steps towards achieving something very big.

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