Jeff Bezos replaces the PowerPoint in meetings with something very effective

Jeff Bezos replaces the PowerPoint in meetings with something very effective

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon ha recently made a declaration in his 2018 annual letter where he banned PowerPoint presentation in the executive meetings. But along with banning it, Jeff Bezos has also found an appropriate replacement for it which is turning out to be more valuable and is expected to provide better insights for the entrepreneurs and the leaders too.

During his discussion at the Forum on Leadership at the Bush Centre, Jeff Bezos stated that PowerPoint can be replaced with narrative structure as that can be more impactful in the meetings. He further explained narrative structure wherein everyone will be reading a six page memo that has been structured in a narrative form. This can be done instead of reading the bullet point in the PowerPoint presentation.

Jeff Beznos also gave clarity on Narrative Structure being better than the PowerPoint Presentation.

1. Stories are always convincing

As per Bezos Stories, Emotions can be used as an effective element to deliver the message in just the right way. As per many Neuroscientists, emotions are the fastest way to reach the brain. He further added, if you wish to spread your ideas rapidly and in exactly the same way you wish to, story has the power to do so. He also stated that Amazon measures the success by utilising the metrics in large numbers. When metrics are being compared with anecdotes then anecdotes turn out to be correct. Bezo believes in connecting logic with the pathos (narrative ) so as to become successful.

2. Human brain is wired for narrative

As per many Anthropologists Stories have always served as an instruction, warning and an inspiration to many. Bezos stated that the brains of humans are wired for story. They always find stories fascinating. Narrative is a part of our day-to-day lives. Information is well accepted by all of us if it is presented in form of a story and not bullet points. In that case, information retaining will also become more effective.

3. Bullet Points fail to deliver the information in the right way

Most of speakers in the world, who are called to be inspiring million have never cultivated a habit of using bullet points in their speech. As per all of them, a speaker is found to be attractive and worth listening when they present it in form of story and not bullet points. Bezos stated that the structure of our brain has been formulated in such a way, that their acceptance power is more inclined towards a story than bullet points. Visuals attract the listeners and that is the reason it is said to use more of visuals in your presentation than text. As per Bezos, Stories have the power of informing, illuminating and inspiring and this is what entrepreneurs always wish to do.

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