Microsoft Edge – An addition to the options of browsers available on iOS and Android in beta

Microsoft Edge - An addition to the options of browsers available on iOS and Android in beta

Microsoft Edge Browser will now be available for use in iOS and Android tablets thereby increasing the number of options for you to surf on the internet. With the help of this browser you will be able to push webpages to a PC and will be able to begin from where you lastly stopped. This feature can be used effectively especially when you are trying to surf on the mobile phone but some sites don’t work just the right way, in that case you can continue your surf on a big screen using a keyboard.

Microsoft Edge Browser is said to be an improved version of company’s previous browser and is featured with lot of new features which will help it stand unique from all other existing browsers. This browser can help you continuing your work on PC, and other than this it also will give you an access to all your favourites, reading list, history, and ebooks on both iOS and Android. One of the most attractive Features of Microsoft Edge is that it gives you an access of tuning into the Apple’s live streamed events. These events are easy to be sighted on iPad but viewing it on Android phones is something that has made this browser very special. Microsoft Edge looks quite similar on the phones and the desktop too, but some of the features are different are still different.

Other big feature is syncing of the tab. Working on PC will give you almost similar experience, tabs and the list of history of what you have browsed on the mobile are not shared on the desktop version of Edge yet. Microsoft is still working on that and hopefully will successfully enable this feature very soon.

Syncing of the history and the tabs are important for an accurate workflow and if that will not be done Microsoft Edge might not be preferred by many. The feature of sending webpage to the PC at a faster speed is impressive but doing that for every tab that is opened is not chosen by everyone. Sync option is available for the favourites and the reading list and even the news feed will be similar for both phone and the desktop. Microsoft Edge is also lacking in having a tablet support as of now and so is the case of Cortana. Due to missing Cortana support you will not be able to get directional hints while you are driving and neither will you be able to get information regarding the working hours of an entity.

Installation of Microsoft Edge will still allow you to use Google or Yahoo without any restrictions. There are no in-built ad blocking in the Microsoft Edge and also Edge uses the Webkit rendering engine on iOS and Blink on Android.

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