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Mobile App Revenues and Its Various Options

Mobile App Revenues and Its Various Options

Okay so now finally you have done your mobile app development work, Congratulations! But did you work on its marketing strategy?

No, Right?

Your mobile app is a valuable asset for your firm and it has got the power to help your business generate the maximum possible revenue. Monetizing your app can prove to be extremely beneficial for your firm.

The below given points is the list of the strategies that can lead your business to generate revenue endlessly.

► The E- Mail Strategy

Typing up people with your E – mail is the best way to increase engagement of the users which ultimately will help you earn more money. The reason behind it is the e-mail ids of the people hardly change for a long time. Considering which there are likely more chances of the E-mail to be seen and read by majority of the people. In order to gather E-mail ids in large number, you can add the E- Mail Subscription option in your app designing it in way that tempts the users to subscribe for your E-Mail updates and refer it on regular basis.

► Marketing via SMS

By gathering good amount of data, SMS marketing can prove to be the most effective strategy as it easily gets the hold of the users by getting them back on your app. SMS Marketing can be done by sending notifications of your app, reminding customers with the help of a message, informing them on various contests and Promotional offers by just sending a text message which directly reaches in the inbox of the phone users.

► Advertising is the core Element

Including Ads in your app is one of the best opportunities to generate maximum revenue through your app. Advertisement now a days play a major role. Making your app free and utilizing in-app advertising can help you monetize the app. Your advertisement should be attractive enough to get the attention of the users and engage them in the best possible way giving them the best experience.

► Content is the King

Many users of your app are not regular in using your app, converting such users into the constant ones who keep checking your app regularly; you can use Content as your tool to do so. Updating your app with fresh and new content is effective way to engage your customers. New content gives the users a reason to come back to your app, as they get to find some new information. Dont forget to keep your content as attractive as you can, only then you can drive users back to your app.

► Partner with others

Partnering with other brand can help you generate more revenue. When two different minds meet thoughts gets more impactful. Partnering will benefit the customers giving them new and enhanced experience and it will benefit the business too. Partnerships will lead to increase in the goodwill of your app, taking your business to grow at its best.

► In – App Purchases

The users usually do not pay for the app downloads, but they do have the capacity to pay for the in-app purchases. In App purchases can generate a lot of revenue if it succeeds in convincing the customers to make the purchase in the best possible way.

► Data Driven Strategies

Feedback from the customers is not just for the sake of doing it, but there is a purpose behind it. The best way to optimise your app to earn maximum revenue is to analyse the robust analytics which is being collected after studying the behaviour of the users. The analysis can prove to be effective if necessary actions are taken to improve yourself where you feel you are lacking. You can also identify who is spending most time in your app and also is investing more money. After collecting the required information, you should preferably plan your strategy in a way that emphasises on the users who are willing to spend more on your app rather that driving new users to your app.

► Premium Version of your App

One of the strategies to let your app generate more revenue is creating a completely different version of your app, where the customer can get new experience keeping it entirely free. You can initially launch a teaser making the users realise of how useful the new version can be. Once user realise its importance, then it gets easy for you to get hold of them. The user will then willingly spend money for your app’s premium version as they have now built the trust in your app. Maintaining the trust and goodwill of your app is solely your responsibility.


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