Photoshop vs Sketch

Photoshop vs Sketch

Photoshop has now become a popular tool and is being used by hundreds of web and graphic designers though it wasn’t created with a thought of offering services to the designers. Loaded with multiple options, Photoshop now is a form of UI and helps in the creation of website pages. But as we all can witness the increasing competition is leading to the introduction of new technology every now and then. To give a tough competition to Photoshop cam the Sketch App from Bohemian coding and to our surprise, Sketch proved itself to be more flexible and easy to use.

But the actual fact is Photoshop and Sketch both are unique in its own way and choosing one of them is quiet difficult. Sketch is found to be leading in some aspects and in the other Photoshop leads Sketch. Lets now see how it goes:

Sr. NoFeaturePhotoshopSketch
1.DefinitionIt is called to be the best designing app and is the core of every creative projectIt is a professional designing tool and is developed by Bohemian Coding
2.InventionPhotoshop was created by Thomas and John Knoll in the year 1988Sketch was introduced in the year 2008
3.CostPhotoshop is quite expensive with an offering of 30 days trialSketch is cheaper when compared to Photoshop with 30 days trial
4.OSPhotoshop is accessible for Windows 7,8,10 and also for MacSketch is accessible only and only for Mac
5.WeightPhotoshop weighs to around 1GB and is considered to be heavySketch is comparatively light weight and weighs around 41 MB
6.SpeedPhotoshop requires a lot of RAM pertaining to which its processing is slowSketch due to less weight offers with a speedy processing
7.ToolBarThe tool bar is completely visible alwaysWith the tools sticked to each other the toolbar is not visible initially
8.Keyboard ShortcutsPhotoshop has got lot of keyboard shortcuts to make the work easySketch is lacking in having the keyboard shortcuts
9.FocusPhotoshop is focused on the Website, Photo editing and many other jobs at once can be done, but it lacks in the web app and UI designSketch is majorly focused on Website, Interfaces and Icon Designing
10.MenuThe menu list of photoshop is cluttered which creates confusionminimal with limited options which gives us a better clarity
11.GridsGrids needs to be created by the DesignerGrids are built in
12.Added FeatureMultiple Artboards have been introduced recentlyMutiple Artboards ws already a feature
13.StorageIt stores all the file in a folderIt stores all the files in one document which makes the viewing screens side by side and is easier to make changes
14.VectorCreating separate files including the file assets and storing it all is quiet tediousEverything is Vector by default
15.File FormatsPhotoshop can save files in varied formats which leads to a confusionSketch offers with an exporting button and the file can be saved in the format of our choice
16.Colour ManagementPhotoshop has a great color managementSketch is lacking in managing h colour well
17.Measurement ToolPhotoshop has got Ruler as a measurement tool which is cumbersome and difficult to understandSketch has got advanced measurement tool named marquee which is easy to use

If your major focus point is UI and app designing, it is advisable to choose Sketch in that case. Photoshop can be chosen if you wish to explore yourself more as graphic designer.

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