Significance of UX design in Minimum Viable Product

Significance of UX design in Minimum Viable Product

Currently, the User Experience working on Minimum Viable Product build is quite rough. The thought process related to MVP needs to be changed and UX is important that everyone should be made aware with what good UX is all about. The purpose of MVP builds is different. The purpose served by MVP builds varies compared to what is being served by full builds. The major objective of MVP builds to providing learning to the users about all its features.

MVP builds have been designed with the motive of creating an absolute minimal viable product as a replacement of fully featured product. Absolute Minimally viable product will be indulged in developing the smallest set of features for which someone could pay or can even just use it. To make all this possible UX process needs to be changed slightly.

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The change in the MVP of UX is all about what you measure. The UX designers work on building features and also they need to make sure that all the features are well built. User Designers are asked to lay more emphasis on ensuring that whatever they build is user friendly. After developing the MVP builds, the UX designers even are doubtful if the users will willingly pay for the feature set. The UX designers often find them in dilemma in deciding that if the blob needs to be huge or not. The solution to this problem is very simple. They should work in such a way that the depth of the blob remains unchanged ensuring the consistent delivery of quality execution.

The cycle of the classic MVP which includes Build-Measure-Learn becomes the source of inspiration for the UX process in MVP builds. The UX process follows the trend as stated below:

UX – Measure – Learn – Repeat

This process is emphasised on two key major differences found between non MVP and MVP based User Experiences. The MVP builds works with an objective of producing quickly with an offering of absolute minimum set of features which are acceptable by the users.

To ensure fast and quality cycles of work it is important to adopt agile methods while you are planning your UX Design Process. This will be the case due to the repetitive nature of testing model used in the Agile Process.

The process of building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is not just a process on the same straight path. It is infact found that more advantages are laid upon when a dedicated page is created so as to explain the importance of MVP and it also acts as a source to provide accurate explanation to all the potential clients with building one such page. The best solution to give positive results is trusting your UXD Judgement and embracing MVP Process. The other most important point to notify is considering MVP builds as an excellent opportunity to learn about your users and also it gives you an idea of their wants and needs. There might be chances where what you give them is much more than what they are willing to get for the price.

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