Telegram achieves a milestone by passing 200 MAUs for its Messaging App

Telegram achieves a milestone by passing 200 MAUs for its Messaging App

Messaging has now become an inseparable part from everyone’s routine life. Tech giants are working hard to provide us with ease in communicating with others in the best possible ways. Meanwhile, Telegram has come out with something appealing to look at. Telegram has achieved another milestone by announcing that it has passed 200M monthly active users within a gap of kust 30 days. In February 2016, Telegram passed 100 MAUs. This was done during a part held at Mobile World Congress Tradeshow in Barcelona. They even stated that Telegram will now be adding 350k new users daily and other than that the number of messages generated in daily basis reached up to 15 billion.

That was the very last when we got to hear from Telegram, since then there has been no other announcements or updates from them since a long time. Neither are they displaying anything on their blog posts, only thing we get to see on their blogs is Thanks giving to all the users of Telegram for helping the company reach a milestone.

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Telegram stated and ensured all its users that since the day they have launched a single byte in August 2013, they have made sure that their user’s private data is not being disclosed to the third parties. This comes under one of their policies which they strictly abide by, as they consider Telegram as an idea which should be free for all, and not considering it to be more like an organization or app.

Telegram when approached Durov asking him if he wish to give up on telegram usage tidbits, he answered Telegram is not interested in dealing with the marketers, data miners or any of the government agencies. There is no assurance on how long will he be able to take stand for this claim, also fighting against the legal pressure will become a challenge for him altogether. Telegram has faced restrictions in Iran and also in Russia when they were asked to handover their encryption keys and also faced the risk of being blocked. Telegram on this stated that, they are planning to appeal the Russian ruling.

Durov also stated on Twitter in form of a Tweet that until and unless Telegram gives on the private data of the users, Threats of being blocked will be all around them.

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