The Apocalypse of Dating Apps

The Apocalypse of Dating Apps

Online Dating Service has been quite popular terms amongst all of us especially the young ones who are single and looking to date someone. Online Dating is a process over the internet where the strangers get to meet new people so as to try their luck in making personal connection with them. There are certain companies who have been providing these types of services. They offer lot of options for making a perfect match based on the profiles.

Different Online Dating Apps have lead to the formation of a wide diversity of dating apps. Some of the apps are completely free to use whereas, some other costs alot. Since the year 2006, the trend of Dating apps have been increasing tremendously. Initially there used to be genuine profiles and people were quite satisfied with the service too. People were getting good matches for themselves and everything was going great. But eventually the quality of the Online Dating apps users started degrading and fake profiles came into existence. In the year 2011, a lawsuit was filed against several dating apps where they were asked to remove all the fake profiles used by some of the people, but the sites did not actually do so and showed fake high percentage of real members which was not the actual case. With passing years, many dating sites and apps came to an end due to certain cases being revealed which were not acceptable.

Soon Tinder, quite well known Online Dating site was launched in the year 2012. Initially Tinder used to be much in demand by the users, but eventually it just became of source of having fun. People stopped joining Tinder except for the ones who was willing to have fun. The Dating apps started leading towards the apocalypse. The quality of the users on such sites and apps started diminishing. Women started getting explicit messages or images. As per the survey, majority of the men used such sites or app with the motive of having some fun or entertainment. Women even reported on getting harassed after using such apps or registering on such sites. 2014 was the year when the satisfaction level of online site and app users started declining and genuine people stopped using such sites or apps. Hinge called to be the Swiping app similar to Tinder use to offer you with the people who are in your connection through facebook. As per a survey conducted it was found that 85% of Hinge users have never found a long term relationship on any of the Swiping Apps. Moreover 55% of the Hinge users started feeling isolated as they swipe through the swiping apps. All these statistics affected the use of Dating apps. It no more seemed to be the efficient way of producing relationships.

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