The Google app’s New Personalised Feed might just drag you off Facebook

The Google app’s New Personalised Feed might just drag you off Facebook

Google finally got paid for their efforts. Google has now announced the launch of personalised feed section in the google app which is under the process of redesigning. Google was limited to only mobile search apps which were featured with location based news, weather reports and sports but now Google is at a stage where it has finally managed to bring a major change in the feed taking it towards personalisation.

The feed is more focused on user’s interactions with the Google. It will also make you aware of what’s going around you in the world. Advancement in the machine learning algorithms has now taken place to create a line of difference between what is important and what is interesting for the users. Cards pertaining to user’s interests are well presented now in the search bar. Google is now trying to attract more of the users and keeping them engaged with the relevant content.

Google has made it possible by curetting the content that a respective user is able to view and Google ensures to consider what is trending as per your searches. You even have an option of following the topics you are interested in by simply clicking on the follow button. Google has now improvised itself to that extent that it will understand what you are looking for post which Google will put just the right content on your screens making it easier for you.

This feature of Google is now even updated on Android and iOS phones accompanied with introduction of overhauled feed that will display personalised news feed and information to the surfers. Google will not limit the search with just current news feed but will also display the content you are looking for. It can be facebook feed, stories etc.

The search feed will become more and more personalised if your usage of Google is constant and in higher proportion. Not only will the new content, Google also display the old current as per your requirements.

You can avail benefit of this upgraded feature of Google by downloading the Google App. Open the app and enjoy the easy availability of the content offered by Google.

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