Top 5 Trusted Wearable Devices that are the Future of Accessorizing

Top 5 Trusted Wearable Devices that are the Future of Accessorizing

In this high tech world there is a massive rush of technological devices which are helping us to make our life easy and convenient. It happens at time that we are desperately waiting for someone’s call keeping the hold of phones in our hands, but then for some reason we release the phone from our hands and that is exactly when the call arrives on our phone and we miss on it. In this case to keep a track of our phones even in its physical absence we can do it all with the help of high tech wearable devices available in the market. Wearables are not just restricted to this aspect, but it has solved the difficulties faced by us in other aspects as well.

With so many options available in the market, we find it difficult to identify which wearable can actually help us in to make our life easy. In that case, the below given list of some best slot of wearables technology will aid you to make your choice easily and quickly:


Ever imagined the facilities of a smart watch to be instilled in a normal timepiece too? Yes this can happen and that too without replacing your favourite timepiece with a smart watch. Chronos makes it all possible. It is a thin stainless steel disc that can be attached at the back of any watch. The installation process is quite simple and not much time consuming as well. This will be helpful to alert you whenever you phone rings and also when your phone is lost you can constantly keep a track of your phone with the help of Chronos.

Spire Stone

In our busy life, it is difficult for us to keep a track of our health. In this case, technology works even better. Spire Stone is one of those. It helps in keeping track of our breathing patterns and also keeps us notifying if the need of controlling or managing the stress levels arises at any point of time. This stone once worn does not need to remove as t is waterproof, weatherproof, and also it can be washed in a machine. It is featured with 10- day long lasting battery and acts as a fitness tracker for your mind working with an objective of improving your mental health.


When we keep phone on the charge keeping our eyes on it constantly is indeed a tough job. But this wearable Ditto can help us in doing so. When our phone is physically away from us, this device helps us with all the notifications including incoming calls, email, texts and also the app notifications. You can even set an alarm in this device. This can be worn very comfortably on your sleeve, pants, or some other place where it safe and secure. Using this you can be relieved from keeping your phone in the hands on constant basis and can still get all the notifications.

The bracelet that rings

We miss on certain important calls and messages as we might have kept our phones in our bags due to which the ring it is not that loud and clear. In that case, this Go Smart Bracelet is sure to help you. It connects to your phone and keeps you alerted with daily activities. When you are busy with some or the other activity, and cannot keep a track of your phone, bracelet will let you know through a little light when your phone buzz.

Bellabeat Leaf

Bellabeat Leaf is like a piece of jewellery for the women and is has also got high tech features. This leaf can be worn by women as a necklace and also as a bracelet. It is synced to your phone and keeps you alerting when its time for you to wake up and also updating you with the reproductive health.

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