Why WeeTech Solution?

WeeTech solution is one of the foremost, friendly and lucrative companies within the field of information technology.

The services of this veritable IT company is second to none. If you browse through the Internet, you will surely discover that there are thousands of companies that offer the same services with us, but none does it better than us. We are the experts in this field.

WeeTech is interested in giving our customers ultimate satisfaction- allowing them to create adaptive and successful businesses.

There are many reasons why you should choose WeeTech solution; they offer the following in an effective and friendly way: direct client interaction, flexible solution, on-time delivery, data confidentiality, cost effective, dependable support and so on.


WeeTech offers advanced iPhone App Development Services concerning the development involving iOS (iPhone/iPad) purposes such as cinematic ample and info centric software; and offering the most desirable iOS application for everyone backed tools to support all kind of platform.


The Android mobile business is emerging at a phenomenal speed. This Expansion has tested the traditions; thus, the interest for expert Android Application Development Company is on the ascent. With the expanding number of android gadgets in the business sector and the worldwide reception.
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Most website development firms deliver out of the box business sites that look great as a brochure, but lack interactivity and connection with the customer. These dry, uninviting sites lack originality and quickly turn. WeeTech - leading Web Development Company in India solves this issue.


There are many kinds of Search Engine Optimization Company featuring diverse numbers of SEO products and services. When we provide a new 'search engine marketing service' that is the best, produces outcomes and also pushes economic growth of your company. This Kind of particular service is not for all.

How we work


At the beginning, we analyze and agreeing client requirements, documenting, communication planning, define and verifying scope of work, identifying project goals and build a path of process with optimizing time and keeping quality.


After Discovering client's requirement, Our well experienced designer create a unique sketch to show them that how client's product will look like. And we are sure about our adorable and eye catching UI always impress our clients.


Now we have a detailed action points to start implementation on approved design from client-side. Here we create a back-end frame structure which work as a strong baseline to move on the further development process.


Our well-knowledgeable developer team complete client's requirements one by one according priorities and this whole process keep in touch with client. So client can suggest us his new ideas or updates to execute with current process.


Our tester gives a perfect shape to client's requirement and quality assurance. They check each and every corner of project, examine whole functionality and fix all issues which might remained from whole development process and build a quality work.

Our work speaks for itself

What Our Clients Say...

Accurate Product Delivery

Wincer Song - Shanghai, China

We are attached with WeeTech Solution for very long time as our Application Development Partner and they have developed many applications for our various products. In all these years, they have always kept their words and their App Development Team has delivered us the product on or before the deadline. They have gained our confidence of vote for their sheer efficiency in work and time management. After all Time is Money for us!!

Client well informed and involved

Adam Smith & Alaister Ivan - Australia

The best thing about WeeTech Solution is that they will constantly keep you informed and involved about their working style and structure and if you don’t like anything then without any hesitance they will provide you an instant alternative to it. They don't act as suppliers, but as business partners instead. We have always been able to count with them, the quality of the deliverables were wonderful and their attitude is always positive. This is what separates them from other App Development Companies.

Mobile App Development

Laura Coolidge - London, UK

Seeing the current trend of Application Development and their ROI, I was looking to get into this business and in WeeTech I got the most perfect Advisory and Development Partner. They managed the whole stuff by themselves which included Planning + Design +Development + Testing and kept me well informed about the progress. They duly kept their words and allotted me the most compact Application for Android and iPhone platforms which increased my audience base too.

Android App Redesign

Clive Rice - California, USA

I already had an Android App developed for my business but I was not happy with it. Then one day I came across WeeTech Solution and they offered me an advice to redesign my application. They showed up their plan to me and delivered it with perfection. I was damn fascinated with their development work and finally I got what I was looking for.

Hire Talented Web Developer for eCommerce Site

Camila Ferraz - São Paulo, Brazil

When creating a website, the choice of the developer is the most critical piece since it will determine the speed things will get done and problems will be solved. Among multiple learnings at Fórum da Beleza, hiring WeeTech Solution was the piece that I'm confident enough to say I'd do all over again. We could have a super qualified and technically great professional, or we could have a great person behind it willing to help, and at WeeTech Solution we had both. they are a great example that the distance between Brazil and & India is not that big and it's great to see them growing, this is just a result of the great work done.

Experienced Developers

Roy Hareven - Haifa, Israel

Experienced Developers at desk and creativity at work that is what I was searching for and in WeeTech I’ve finally ended my search. WeeTech is about being nice and pro at the same time. Made all our Android Apps here on megassus new age with them, including some of our best sellers. Brilliant Job guys keep it up!!

Client relationship

Brandon Perry - New York, USA

At the time I got connected with WeeTech Solutions I was a bit hesitant that whether they will be able to fulfill my requirements or not but as they started their work, it didn’t take me too long to change up my mind. The Quality of Work that they had offered is absolutely amazing and i’d definitely like to enhance our relationship growth further.

Built my Travel iPhone App

Vicki Levesque - Shanghai, France

I am bit stubborn about my work and I was looking for a Travel Application for iPhone with a brand new and exclusive concept. And for the same I consulted lots of Mobile App Development Companies but they failed to convince me. Then I came to know about WeeTech Solution from one of my friend and after initial consultation I cracked a deal with them because their ideas were quite innovative and exclusive. No matter what requirement I asked for during development stages, I always got Positive Vibes from them and that increased my confidence too. Thumbs Up Guyz for your Work!!


Why is Your Smartphone so Interesting?

A smart phone without the most applications is as boring as looking at the blank screen of the computer. You have nothing interesting to do except for calling someone or messaging back. It is simply like a primitive age phone. With the advancement and development of technology in the area of phones, normal phones are now transformed into interesting ones with some of the basic applications being loaded in them. You do not need to invest much yet enjoy an operating system that is interesting enough to use.

The idea of mobile phones being a portable device which aids in connecting with people irrespective of time and place has progressed towards being a device that helps in making our lives easier, fun and effective. Time flies and we cannot bring it back if we lose it. But when there is a mobile phone, we end up multi-tasking. We can draft and send an email, respond back to messages or indulge in a live chat, order food and get them delivered according to a convenient time, search for the best places to eat, track the way to a particular place, play games and even watch high definition movies. Yes, we are talking about a single device that enables us to do so many things, thus helping in our managing our time and effort effectively.

Mobile application development is referred to as a process through which several types of application software are developed for portable devices such as mobile phones, laptops or other digital devices. These applications are pre-installed in the devices during the time of manufacturing or are available in the application stores for the users to download and use. A mobile application developer, in the course of designing the application, has to ideate the entire project first with its offerings clearly mentioned, have a clear understanding of the functionality of the application and analyse the user requirement for it. Some of the applications are developed for a specific audience group while others are mostly generic.

The mobile application developers in India are trained to develop applications for all kinds of mobile platforms—Android, Windows, Apple and BlackBerry. Based on the requirements and imaginative ideas, the developers design and develop innovative and creative applications that caters to the particular audience group. They work towards making a smart phone smarter and more useful.

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Overcome the challenges to succeed in iOS Application Development

Change is the only constant in our life – the truth of this statement is best evidenced in the manner the mobile phone industry is evolving. The device that seemed to be best till yesterday is looking a tad outdated today. Such is the pace of changing technology and its features that it has left the users spoilt with choice. But the users' appetite for adding more ease and convenience to their lifestyle is unrelenting. Thousands of mobile applications are being developed every day across the world including iOS Application Development that is fast catching up with the rest.

The demand for iOS Application Development is on the rise and iPhone application developers are having a field day. But as they say, it is easier said than done. The developers face the challenge of remaining creative and there are other challenges too that they have to overcome to be able to make their presence felt in the intense competition of app development. Knowing about the hurdles can help to get prepared so that these can be overcome.

Compatibility with different devices

Starting from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5 C (with 4S, 5 and 5S in between) and the various models of iPad that ends with iPad Air, the iOS app that you develop should be compatible with all these devices. Careful testing of the product continuously during the process of development using TaaS product like TestFlight or Testelf can be effective to address the issue.

Developer portal’s navigation panel

It is not easy to familiarize with the navigation panel in the portal of the developer. Before you get into the act, spend time to gain knowledge about it and understand the functionalities properly so that there are no hiccups after you start the job. Of course you get better and learn more through practice.

Beta testing for user experience

Knowing in advance whether your developed app will be accepted by the customers or users will always help. To know this, let your app be tested through Beta users. The deficiencies and short fall of the app are identified by this testing and you become aware of the specific conditions of failure so that you can correct it.

Approval by Apple App Store

Know the rules of the game before you start playing. iOS Application Development is governed by the guidelines, rules and regulations of the App Store about which you will have to be thoroughly conversant because the design and development of the app should meet the parameters mentioned in it.

Network speeds

It might happen that the speed used by you is not the same as that of the consumer. What it needs is to invigorate the networks whose speeds are below par. This can be done by putting the app through a Network Link Conditioner test that can spruce up the weak networks.

These are just a few hindrances that you should be prepared about and then, practice will make you perfect.

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Making a Good Strategy can help you Succeed in the Android Market

As Android is an open source with fewer restrictions, unlike the iOS platform, more companies are taking a plunge into Android app development business banking on the popularity of the Android OS among the smartphone users. In 2013, there have been 900 million Android activations and 48 million app downloads. But the openness of the Android platform has led to the infiltration of low quality apps too. More than 60,000 apps were weeded out of Google Play Store in 2013. If you are an aspiring Android Development Company concentrate on quality and follow some strategies that can work well.

Know your target audience

Evaluate and analyze the end user requirement thoroughly to ascertain the app features. Know the mind and expectations of the end users and design your app features to satisfy those needs. Never lose focus of your target audience.

Feature rich apps

Select the app features wisely that will be very appealing to your target audience. The most sought after feature should be captured in the app because the functionality of the app will determine its impact on the user.

User Interface that is user friendly

As looks and appearance are important to people for initial acceptance to others, the user interface of apps plays a similar role in getting your app accepted by users. The app should be easy to operate and user friendly so that the user is attracted to use it. Any difficulties that the users may face to begin with could make things difficult for you.

Make it error free

Repeatedly test the app during the stages of its development to be sure that there is no snag or glitches when it is put to use. An app has to be 100% free from any defects and its fluidity of operation is the key to its success. Keep on refining and fine tuning and put the apps to the most severe test conditions so that there is practically no possibility of failure at a later stage.

Marketing smartly

If you want to succeed in the intense competition of the market, as an Android Development Company you will have to do out of the box thinking to innovate smart marketing strategies so that your app is visible to your target audience in a manner that lures him to buy it. Promoting your app the right way to make it appealing to the users is a big challenge. Use the social media to your advantage in making your app seen and felt by the users.

The enormity of the Android development market is alluring thousands to explore their potential as an Android Development Company. The challenges are many and only the fittest will survive, therefore prepare well before you take the plunge.

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