Simple Ways To Use Midjourney AI Free To Create Art

Midjourney AI Art

Are you looking to generate great visuals for your website in 2024 without spending a dime? With the launch of Midjourney, it’s now easier than ever! Whether you’re an experienced web designer or just starting your journey, these tips will help ensure this innovative text-to-image builder delivers beautiful results.

From choosing appropriate templates and fonts to customizing images through cropping techniques – get ready to create eye-catching graphics with no financial investment. In this blog, we go through how to use Midjourney for free 2024.

What is Midjourney AI

Midjourney is a revolutionary tool that uses natural language processing (NLP) to quickly and accurately build creative images. This cutting-edge technology helps professionals create beautiful visuals at lightning speed, giving them the time to focus on other important tasks in their day.

Furthermore, Midjourney ensures accuracy by ensuring all text styles are consistent throughout each project, helping you produce professional projects with greater efficiency than ever before! Its automated workflow also makes it easier for inexperienced designers or marketers unfamiliar with design programs like Photoshop – this accelerates development times and produces stunning results without any prior experience required!

Is Midjourney Free?

Midjourney is a paid NLP-to-image builder that offers advanced capabilities for transforming your text into stunning visuals. The software uses powerful algorithms to quickly and accurately generate vivid, high-quality images from nearly any information you feed—including stories, reports, or creative writing works.

With Midjourney’s easy-to-use interface and intuitive design features, anyone with minimal technical skill can create eye-catching graphics quickly! Get ready to take your content marketing strategy up a notch today with the power of Midjourney – the ultimate visual creativity solution!

How does Midjourney work

Midjourney AI offers a powerful text-to-image builder that provides exceptional capabilities for generating stunning visuals. Through their platform, users gain access to a plethora of creative possibilities. Users embark on a journey of imagination and innovation by joining the Midjourney Discord server and selecting a server of their choice.

Midjourney transforms words into captivating and lifelike images with each carefully crafted sentence. It’s seamless integration and user-friendly interface make it a preferred choice for artists, designers, and storytellers. Unlock the true potential of your ideas with Midjourney AI, and let your imagination take flight like never before.

How to Use Midjourney for free

To experience the wonders of Midjourney without cost

  1. Follow these simple steps.
  2. Firstly, ensure you possess a Discord account, which is essential for accessing Midjourney’s offerings.
  3. Once your account is set up, visit the Midjourney website and eagerly click on the enticing “Join the beta” button. This action shall transport you to a Discord invite page, where an invitation to the Midjourney Discord server awaits you.
  4. Embrace the invitation and seamlessly integrate into the Midjourney community with a single click.
  5. Unleash your creative spirit, explore the innovative features, and witness the magic of text-to-image conversion at your fingertips.
  6. Prepare to embark on a boundless journey of imagination powered by Midjourney’s remarkable tools and the vibrant surrounding community.

1. Join the channel

As you enter Midjourney’s Discord server, navigate toward the list of channels on the left side. Choose one of the newcomer channels like “newbies-108” to access the AI picture generator. These beginner-friendly channels grant each member 25 free picture requests. Use them wisely to bring your ideas to life visually.

Let Midjourney’s AI transform your written descriptions into captivating images. Embrace the enchantment as your imagination blossoms through this creative journey. Unleash the power of your words, capturing the essence of your visions. Join the channel now, and let Midjourney be your gateway to a world where art and technology converge harmoniously. Explore, create, and inspire.

2. Create an AI Image

Type “/imagine” in the chat box to create an AI image, followed by a detailed and vivid word prompt. Provide explicit instructions that paint a clear picture of what you envision. Specify the desired style or genre, be it a fantastical realm, a futuristic sci-fi setting, or a spine-chilling horror scene.

The more specific and descriptive you are, the better the AI will understand and bring your imagination to life. Let your words flow authentically and passionately, igniting the AI’s creative algorithms. Through this collaborative dance of human and artificial intelligence, watch as your vision materializes into a mesmerizing and unique AI-generated image.

3. Generate an Image

Allow me to guide you through generating an image using Midjourney’s AI. Simply prepend your prompt with “/imagine” to unleash the creative power of the system. Here are some illustrations of prompts to inspire your imagination

  1. “/imagine a serene sunset over a tranquil meadow, casting a warm golden glow on blooming wildflowers.”
  2. “/imagine a bustling cityscape with towering skyscrapers, adorned with vibrant neon lights reflecting off rain-soaked streets.”
  3. “/imagine an ancient, mystical forest shrouded in mist, where towering trees whisper secrets and magical creatures dwell.”
  4. “/imagine a breathtaking mountain range with snow-capped peaks, piercing through the cotton candy-colored clouds at sunrise.”
  5. “/imagine a futuristic metropolis with sleek hovercars soaring amidst holographic billboards, creating a mesmerizing visual spectacle.”

Craft your prompt with a human touch, emphasizing vivid details, emotions, and sensory details. Let your words evoke imagery that resonates with your desired scene. With Midjourney’s AI, witness your description come to life as a stunning, AI-generated image reflecting your vision’s essence.

4. Select An Image

Once you have submitted your prompt, the AI diligently generates four captivating variations of your image. Numbers are assigned to each image from 1 to 4. To select the idea that resonates with your vision, enter “/u” and the corresponding image number. For instance, if the third image captivates your imagination, type:


This command ensures that the AI understands your preference, allowing you to embrace the image that truly speaks to you. Let your instinct guide you in choosing the perfect embodiment of your creative prompt. With this seamless selection process, Midjourney’s AI enables you to curate and bring to life the visual masterpiece that aligns most closely with your artistic vision.

5. Modify Image

If you want to enhance your selected image’s quality and detail, Midjourney provides the option to upscale it. By utilizing the “/v” command followed by the image number, you can specify the image you wish to modify. As an example, if you want to edit the second image, simply type:


This command prompts the AI to process your request, ensuring the selected image undergoes the desired modifications. Whether you seek to refine specific elements, enhance details, or explore new creative possibilities, this feature empowers you to shape the image according to your vision. With Midjourney’s intuitive interface, you can effortlessly fine-tune your selected image, adding your unique human touch to create a truly personalized masterpiece.

Tips and tricks for using Midjourney AI

Here are some tips and tricks to make the most out of your experience using Midjourney AI

Be precise: Provide detailed and explicit prompts the AI must follow in order to produce the preferred image.

Use sensory language: Include vivid descriptions of colors, textures, sounds, and emotions to enrich your prompt.

Experiment with genres: Explore different styles and genres to discover unique and diverse visual outcomes.

Iteration is key: Don’t hesitate to iterate and refine your prompts for better results.

Combine prompts: Combine multiple elements or concepts in your prompt to create intriguing and imaginative images.

Upscale for more details: Utilize the “/v” command to upscale and enhance the details of your selected image.

Collaborate with the community: Engage with other users in the Discord server to exchange ideas and feedback.

Explore different channels: Venture beyond newcomer channels to unlock additional features and possibilities.

Balance complexity: Find the right balance between complexity and clarity in your prompts to achieve desired results.

Experiment and have fun: Embrace the creative process, experiment with various prompts, and enjoy the journey.

With these tips and tricks, you can navigate Midjourney AI effectively and unlock its full potential for generating captivating and personalized images.


In 2024, Midjourney continues to captivate users with its remarkable AI-powered image generation capabilities. To enjoy Midjourney for free, you can join their Discord server, a thriving hub of creativity and collaboration. By embracing this community, you can access a world where your words come alive as stunning visuals.

With a generous allocation of free picture requests, you can bring forth your imagination’s wonders without cost. Harness the power of Midjourney’s AI, refine your prompts, explore various genres, and create art that resonates deeply. Let Midjourney be your artistic companion; together, we forge a path of limitless expression and inspiration. We hope this blog on how to use Midjourney for free 2024 is useful to the readers.