These Full Stack Developer e-book could Help you Earn Six Figure

These Full Stack Developer e-book could Help you Earn Six Figure

Full Stack Developers are called to be the masters of the technological world, as they have gained the expertise and have also got detailed knowledge for all the respective layers of the software development. They have got a lot of capabilities and sufficient amount of knowledge which lets them work with both front-end and also back-end technologies. Followed by this, they are also capable enough of turning the prototype into a fully functioning product. Full Stack Developers are well versed with all the tricks and techniques of making all this possible.

Becoming a Full Stack Developers is not at all an easy task. Its just easy to say than done. It takes in a lot of hardwork, patience, blood and sweat to reach to the position where you are called to be a full stack developer. Considering the amount of hardwork and efforts to be put down inorder to become full stack developers, many people do not opt for this field which ultimately supplies less number of full stack developers as per the demand and those developers then are valued and paid quite well.

There are many people still who wish to dive into the pool of becoming a full stack developer. For them the first step is to collect Complete Full Stack Developer eBook Bundle. This Bundle consists of all the details, information and mentions all the requirements to make it easy for you to pursue your career as a full stack developer. This book will act as a guide for you throughout the web development process. Starting right from the creation of front-end foundation to building the back-end tech it teaches you all. This bundle consists of 16 books which are as follows:

Jump Start Responsive Web Design

Not only the young generation, but the old generation too are fond of using smart phones these days which makes it mandatory to build an impressive and responsive website that can function well across all the devices. This book helps you with this requirement and enlightens you on better understanding of CSS and HTML and also informs you on accurate use of it to make appropriate content so as to present it well on the screens.

JavaScript: Novice to Ninja

JavaScript is said to be one of the most popular programming language and full stack developer compulsorily has to master this language. This book will brief you about all the basic fundamentals of JavaScript Programming including all its functions, loops, properties and also the logic. This book will also guide you on the process of adding smart functionality to the apps followed by the writing of maintainable code.

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HTML5 & CSS3 for the Real World

This book will train you on HTML5 and CSS3 and will also brief you on how to build blocks of the web. This book will also make you understand the process of building website without using or relying on the complicated and difficult techniques.

Researching UX: User Research

This book covers all the details about user research and it will also inform you on various tricks and techniques of running a design project in order to create something which is meaningful.

Jumpstart Git

This will help you to keep yourself updated with all the changes made in the project. This book will help you know the reason behind Git’s being the integral part of almost ever web projects and also you will learn to have complete control over your code and assets.

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