When and Why Should Companies Consider Hire MEAN Stack Developers?

When and Why Should Companies Consider Hiring MEAN Stack Developers

Web development is the need of the hour in this digital world. Operating a business without online footprints is like navigating a vast market with closed eyes. With the increasing demand for websites, many frameworks have emerged to help developers build a reliable platform.

MEAN stack is one of the most reliable options available in the market. But with so many varieties available, businesses often find themselves at a crossroads, wondering when and why they should consider hiring MEAN stack expert developers.

In this blog, we will explore the key considerations and scenarios that make it essential to opt for MEAN stack professionals. But before we come to the when and why, let’s understand the definition of MEAN stack.

What is MEAN stack?

The MEAN stack is a web development framework based on JavaScript. MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js. The MEAN stack is like a combination of different tools developers use to build websites and web applications. It’s made up of four primary technologies:

  • MongoDB: Think of this like a smart database that stores information. It’s like a digital filing cabinet where you can keep all the data your website or app needs.
  • Express.js: This is like a helper for building the server side of your website or app. It makes it easier for developers to create and manage the parts of the application that run on the server.
  • Angular: Imagine this as the front-end superhero. It helps in building the user interface of your website or app. It makes things look nice and interact smoothly.
  • Node.js: This is like the backbone of the MEAN stack. It’s another tool for building the server side and works well with Express.js. Node.js helps in making sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

So, when you hire mean stack developers, they use these four technologies together to create powerful and modern web applications.

Why should companies hire MEAN stack developers?

Hiring MEAN stack developers can be a game-changer for companies. Especially for the ones who are into hardcore IT business.

But if you are still in doubt about needing professional MEAN stack developers, look at the following points. These points will help you know why companies should go for experienced developers for MEAN stack web development:

1. Full-stack proficiency

MEAN stack developers are well-versed in each component of the MEAN stack. They are experts in all four tools – MongoDB, Express.js, Angular and Node.js.

This full-stack proficiency enables them to handle both front-end and back-end development seamlessly. This proficiency is a win-win for companies creating cohesive and efficient web applications.

2. Single Language Advantage

MEAN stack relies on JavaScript for both server-side and client-side scripting. When you hire a dedicated MEAN stack developer, they leverage a unified language throughout the development process.

This streamlines communication within the development team. At the same time, a single language also facilitates easier debugging and maintenance.

3. Scalability and Flexibility

Scalability and Flexibility

MEAN stack is designed to be highly scalable and adaptable. It is a perfect choice for evolving business needs. MEAN stack applications can easily accommodate changes in requirements and scale horizontally.

With these features, it emerges as a suitable framework for companies anticipating growth and expansion. Additionally, its comprehensive and cohesive technology stack streamlines development, making it an efficient solution for dynamic business environments.

4. Community Support

The MEAN stack comes with a vibrant community. Interestingly, the MEAN stack community is highly active and available to support each other.

Your development team can utilize shared knowledge, resources, and best practices. This community support ensures your web applications stay updated, secure, and aligned with industry standards.

5. Real-time Application Development

Node.js is a critical component of the MEAN stack. It excels in handling real-time applications. If your business requires features like live chat, collaborative tools, or dynamic updates, MEAN stack is the right choice. The MEAN stack developers are well-equipped to bring these functionalities to life.

6. Cost-Effectiveness

MEAN stack development is highly cost-effective compared to other development frameworks. MEAN stack is a pocket-friendly pocket-friendly option if you are a startup or small to medium enterprise.

Using JavaScript throughout the stack reduces the need for multiple language specialists. It also streamlines the development process and potentially lowers overall development costs.
Rapid Prototyping and Development:

MEAN stack empowers developers to quickly prototype and develop applications. This agility is crucial in today’s fast-paced business environment.

It allows companies to bring products to market swiftly and stay ahead of the competition. Furthermore, the collaborative nature of the MEAN stack fosters efficient teamwork, enhancing the overall development process and accelerating time-to-market.

When should you hire MEAN stack developers?

Well! Now, you know the basics of MEAN stack and its benefits but it’s time to address the most crucial question – when to hire MEAN stack professionals? Here, we have listened to key scenarios to bring MEAN stack expertise into your development team:

1. Full-stack development requirements

If your project involves both front-end and back-end development, then you definitely need a dedicated MEAN stack developer. Their proficiency in MongoDB for database management, Express.js for server-side scripting, Angular for dynamic front-end experiences, and Node.js for scalable server-side applications, together make them an ideal choice for development projects.

2. Rapid Prototyping and Agile Development

MEAN stack is known for its agility in prototyping and development. If your business requires quick iterations and an agile development approach, then you should consider MEAN stack professionals. Their ability to effectively implement changes and prototypes aligns well with agile methodologies.

3. Real-time Application Needs

If your application requires real-time features such as live updates, instant messaging, or collaborative tools, MEAN stack becomes essential for you, too. MEAN stack developers can ensure the seamless integration of real-time functionalities into your application.

The decision to hire MEAN stack developers should align with your project’s needs and goals. Whether you’re focusing on full-stack development, real-time applications, cost-effectiveness, scalability, or technology stack unification, MEAN stack developers offer it all. We hope you know why and when to hire professional MEAN stack experts.

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