What exactly is Bitcoin and how does it work?

How Bitcoin Works?

Bitcoin was introduced in the year 2009. It enables making transactions without going through the banks. Added feature of Bitcoin is it allows the transactions to happen without any fees and also without submitting the real names. Bitcoin reaches the new mark and the demand of Bitcoin is now increasing amongst the merchants. Bitcoins makes international Payment transactions easy and cheap as Bitcoin is free from all the country rules and regulations.

Many of people like us are not yet clear on how bitcoin works. Bitcoin consider certain aspects while it works which are as follows


Called to be the shared public ledger and the most essential part of the Bitcoin Process, Block Chain is the element on which the entire Bitcoin is dependent. Block Chain is one of the Protocol that Bitcoin runs on. Block Chain includes all the transactions. This helps Bitcoin Wallets to keep a check on the balance spent and the verification of the new transactions also becomes easy.

Keys & Wallets

Bitcoin has got two numbers public key & private key. In order to access the bitcoin wallet you need to use the set of keys. Private key is the secret piece of data kept by Bitcoin which is useful for signing the transactions and also gives the information on the mathematical proof that the transactions has been done from the Wallet of the Owner. As Bitcoin has no Physical Presence so it gets difficult to protect the Bitcoin or safeguard it. Considering this, Bitcoin has made the network decentralized, where everyone can see each other’s activity. The public key is derived from the private key which is a requirement in order to send bitcoin to a different address. Public key corresponds to the inputs and Private Key corresponds to the outputs.


Mining helps in confirming the transactions which are lined up for confirmation and all this is being done by including all the transactions in the block chain. To protect the neutrality of the network, Mining process makes sure to put the block chain in a chronological order and also allows varied computers to agree on the state of system. This process undergoes the maintenance of public ledger.


This states the detailed description of the working process of mining. This process enables the huge network of the miners who are spread all across the globe to receive the latest batch of transactional data, as they are not bound by personal or professional ties. The data received is then run by them through a cryptographic algorithm due to which a hash denoting the string of numbers and letters are generated that aids in the verification of the information’s validity but ensure to not reveal the information.

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