Simplicity in the Systems will now be possible with Cloud Computing Platforms

Simplicity in the Systems will now be possible with Cloud Computing Platforms

Majority of the cloud systems are quite complex. Making your system complex depends on you. But if you wish to deliver quality results, then it is advisable to initiate with a simple system and then further make it more complex. Cloud building teams face lot of issues pertaining to complexity. Lets understand more about this issue in details so as to come out with a better solution on the same.

Many cloud builders love building and developing complex systems, but they often tend to fail. Many engineers are in a rush to understand the complex systems. But in this hustle, many engineers failed to understand that the true test will be when they make things simpler and not complex.

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People consider Complexity as Elegance, but the actual case is not so. Complexity often leads to failure. The systems which are designed in a complex way leads to failure. Gall’s Law very well explains the Complex System. Gall’s Law majorly focuses on certain laws which are as follows:

  • There are some complex systems which work effectively.
  • From the very beginning if you design a complex system, it will not work well, but instead you should start with simple system making it complex gradually.
  • A complex system might work and there are more chances of it not working at all.
  • The simple system if designed systematically might work well.

Some other interesting laws pertaining to large cloud systems are as follows:

Failure of a system can take place in innumerable ways

It is said if you create a large system; it is bound to have lot of moving parts in it. Considering that, larger is the system, the chances of facing edge cases increases. On the other hand, if the system is simpler with less moving parts, the edge cases might be reduced.

The systems which are loose are said to work effectively for a longer period of time

If the system is tightly bound or is accumulated together it is said to face more failure pertaining to cascading or catastrophic. On the other hand, if the system is integrated lightly then it will witness few transient failures.

Fundamental Theorem: New Systems leads to new problems

Mankind create system with the motive of solving various problems, but the fact is new systems add to the existing problems thereby increasing it. If you are building a system with a motive of solving a problem then you should do it by lot of simplicity and should use small system to solve the problem with much minimalism.

The best solution to all these problems is building the system right. Building a robust and scalable laaS systems is the best solution. Points to be considered while building a system are:

Include minimal set of services which you think you need to provide as a viable solution to your users.

Utilise the tried and tested IT practices for small systems and do not depend on the automatic improvisation of cloud system, that might weaken the system.

Try making simpler systems, and not the ones which offers much of flexibility as users will not put the need of doing more than one thing at a time.

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