Why WeeTech Solution Pvt Ltd?

WeeTech Solution Pvt Ltd is one of the foremost, friendly and lucrative companies within the field of information technology.

The services of this veritable IT company is second to none. If you browse through the Internet, you will surely discover that there are thousands of companies that offer the same services with us, but none does it better than us. We are the experts in this field.

WeeTech is interested in giving our customers ultimate satisfaction- allowing them to create adaptive and successful businesses.

There are many reasons why you should choose WeeTech Solution; they offer the following in an effective and friendly way: direct client interaction, flexible solution, on-time delivery, data confidentiality, cost effective, dependable support and so on.

In this fast life it is very difficult to maintain harmony between personal life and work. This requires quicker systems to fulfill work to make life simple and easy. Since buyer needs are expanding, it's high time that every circle of life gets computerized. be it a commutation, domestic chores - digital or electronic functions consolidated with mechanical ones provides much comfort to save time That is the reason for embedded technology.

At WeeTech Solutions, we create best and advanced solutions of embedded systems for different requirements of an industry. Right from home and industrial automation, Telematics, device drivers, M2M solutions, Avionics, Bluetooth, security solutions, automated embedded system, tracking solution and navigation, VOIP, RTOS porting, RFID, Telecom, medical imaging, Inventory management, huge mechanical controllers to specialty purchaser hardware arrangements which can be utilized as frill for Android and IOS based gadgets we offer an extensive variety of exceptionally installed services to suit your particular necessities.

We develop and design embedded solutions and digital interfaces using SPI, CAN, PCM, IOM2, I2C, parallel port and GPIO etc. Circuit based on microcontroller, system design and micro controller programming, electronically designed circuits and interface circuit development.

We work according to the requirement of our client some of the propositions offered by us are

Embedded Development
  • Embedded solution consulting services
  • Need analysis
  • Technology innovation
  • Embedded solutions that designed intelligently and intricately
  • Embedded solutions made by tailor
  • Development service and product coding
  • Design based on DSP and microprocessor
  • Testing
  • Circuit design
  • Services at very reasonable prices
So these were some of the services provided by WeeTech Solutions. We provide you the best service needed by you
5 Star We have delivered 1000+ projects to our 600+ clients across the globe with satisfactory level of 4.9 out of 5.