Advantage of Alpha and Beta versions before going out live publicly

Advantage of Alpha and Beta versions before going out live publicly

Software Testing is considered to be the core element before actually launching the Software in the market. Testing of software beforehand makes you Aware with the bugs software might face while working. Errors found then can be corrected in order to avoid possibility of occurrence of problems during the real time and ensures that software will work properly.

User acceptance testing is one of the most essential types of testing software and it is further divided into two parts: Alpha and Beta Testing.

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Alpha and Beta testing ensures the success of any of the softwares. Both the testing techniques have proven to be very effective and have been a blessing in disguise saving much of the money for big companies like Apple, Microsoft and Google too.


Alpha testing is called to be the internal testing performed by many of the firms with the help of in-house software. Alpha testing is conducted by a team of highly skilled testers found at the development site. Before we initiate we Alpha testing, there is a phase known as Pre-Alpha testing. In this phase, the development and requirements of software is being analysed and identified based on which further activities takes place. Once development process gets improvised that is when Alpha Testing begins. Alpha testing undergoes the process of debugging and validating the alpha version program. Alpha testers performing the test can be full time testers or dedicated testing teams.

Alpha testing is based on white and black box testing techniques. At this stage, the functionality of the software is being tested based on which feedback is given. This phase allows the addition of any feature or functions in the software. Alpha Testing do not allow the outside users while testing.


This testing is conducted after the completion of Alpha Testing cycle. This is known to be the final testing phase. In this phase, company releases the software to be tested externally from the test teams outside the company. The testing in this phase is being conducted in real environment by real users. Beta testing involves the debugging and validating the program beta version. Beta testing identifies the opportunities, stability of the program considering the future users. Beta testers are the ones who have got good experience of the testing process and have earlier used the tested program or have knowledge of any of its version. Beta testing company have a wide range of people whom the constantly co operate.

Called to be the last step in the testing process, Beta testing is delivered to the end users and they also look into the functionality of the software. Beta testing invites outsiders to participate in the testing process, due to which it is also named as Open Beta Testing and also focuses on black box practices.

Fixation of the issues in Beta Testing helps in the reduction of the development cost as many minor glitches gets resolved before the software is finally released.

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