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Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) serves with the scalable computing capacity in Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Designed with the purpose of making web-scale cloud computing easier for the developers, it ensures to provide secure, resizable computing capacity in the cloud. Usage of Amazon EC2 will eliminate your need of investing in the hardware up front and will also help you to develop and deploy your applications quickly. Amazon EC2 can be used to launch various servers as per your need and also provides the facility of configuring security, managing the storage and networking.

Amazon EC2 is simple web service interface and gives you the allowance to obtain and configure capacity with minimal friction. You get complete control of your computing resources. Scaling up or down so as to handle the changes in requirements or spikes in popularity is possible wit Amazon EC2. Lastly, Amazon EC2 serves the developers with the tools which help them to build the failure resilient applications which can even be isolated by them from common failure scenarios.

Amazon EC2 serves with various features which are as follows, It provides with:

  • Instances which are the Virtual Computing Environments.
  • The configurations of CPU, storage, memory and networking capacity for your instances named as instance types.
  • With the help of key pairs, it provides secure login information.
  • In order to store your data well, with the help of Amazon Elastic Block Store it provides persistent storage volumes for your data known as Amazon EBS volumes.
  • With the help of Amazon EBS volumes, it then serves with regions and Availability Zones which are the multiple physical locations for your resources like instances and Amazon EBS volumes.
  • In order to specify the protocols, ports and source IP ranges which can even reach your instances using security groups you get the access of a firewall.
  • To create and assign your Amazon EC2 resources you are offered with Metadata knows as tags.

Amazon EC2 has got various benefits some of which are as follows:

  • It is Elastic Web-Scale Computing which enables you to increase or decrease the capacity within minutes without taking much of your hours or day.
  • Amazon EC2 is in integration with many AWS services including Amazon Simple Storage Service, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, and Amazon Relational Database Service.
  • You can get the complete control of all your instances like root access and even the ability which helps you in interacting with them as a machine.
  • Amazon EC2 is reliable and allows easy prediction of replacement instances.
  • Amazon EC2 is flexible with Cloud Hosting Services as it gives you a choice of multiple instance types, systems, software packages and operating systems.
  • It gives you financial benefits; with very low rate for compute capacity you get great benefits.
  • It gives high priority to Cloud Security and that is why it is completely secure.
  • Amazon EC2 is easy to start with. It provides various options to start with its services like AWS Management Console, AWS SDKs, AWS command Line tools, SDKs and it is completely free to start.

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