10 Best OpenAI Sora Alternatives You Can Use In 2024

10 Best Sora Alternatives You Can Use In 2024

Are you looking for the best Sora alternatives you can use in 2024? If yes, then surely you are reading the right post.

Let’s embark on a journey of the best Sora alternatives in 2024! Yes, step into the world that shows you some exceptional applications for OpenAI Sora.

Do you know what Sora is?

Well, even if you don’t know, this post is for your aid. Here’s a thorough explanation for those who may not be familiar; feel free to take a look.

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What is Sora?

Sora is another innovative invention from OpenAI. It is a text-to-video generative AI model that creates a video for the user’s prompt or description. However, you may wonder why people need such AI models. Well, these creative tools are most important for today’s multi-device era. Yes, whether it is the marketing or content creation journey, images, and video clips are essential to uplift your services. So take a closer look to embrace the futuristic advancements and include these tools in your journey.

Let’s now take a look at some of the best Sora Alternatives in this article! Here we go…

Top 10 Sora Alternatives

Here is our rundown of Sora alternatives that you can use in 2024 and maybe beyond that. Take a look…

1. Colossyan

Colossyan - Sora Alternative

Colossyan is the best AI video platform for workplace learning! Creating engaging, AI-powered, LX-optimized videos is easy with this software. Want to give it a try? If so, avail of their free trial for 14 days. This gives the best avatars and customizable styles for worthwhile, unique outcomes. However, it may not be suitable for making short videos for social media, and some users might think it is expensive.

Key Features of Colossyan

  • Realistic avatars that make the videos more engaging
  • Different avatar styles and many exceptional options to create unique outputs
  • Text-to-speech feature makes the sounds sound original
  • Once users get permission, they can use it for business requirements without worrying about legal issues
  • Presentation styles add a professional touch to the videos


  • Free trail available
  • Starter: $19 per month
  • Pro: $61 per month
  • Enterprise plan: Custom pricing

2. HeyGen

At number 2 is HeyGen. HeyGen is an excellent Sora alternative for 2024! This tool offers various talking avatars, multiple styles, and languages for creating the best video. Moreover, it allows users to turn text into speech and makes the video-creating process more efficient. This AI video generator provides 300+ templates for diverse user cases, such as product marketing, sales outreach, learning and development, etc. Plus, the voice cloning feature creates a natural human voice copy.

Key Features of HeyGen

  • Easily create the videos through texts
  • Offers different languages and avatar styles
  • Turn the texts into audio
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Varieties of avatar inclusion make the video unique


  • Free plan available
  • Creator plan: $24 per month
  • Business plan: $72 per month
  • Enterprise: customized plans and pricing options

3. Runway AI

Runway AI - Sora Alternative

Here comes another unique OpenAI Sora alternative for you to consider in 2024. Yes, we are very much talking about Runway AI! This tool allows users to generate videos effortlessly through texts. The intuitive interface and extensive features make this an ideal choice for beginners and digital content creators. Apart from the core text to video, you can create videos to videos and texts to images. In addition, it allows users to edit, trim, and animate the inputs. Take a closer look at the features and opt for the best Sora alternative!

Key Features of Runway AI

  • You can turn return text into videos with AI technology
  • Offer plenty of tools for seamless editing that improve the overall quality of the videos
  • Allows users to customize the videos according to their requirements
  • It integrates with other AI tools and applications seamlessly
  • Helps to create engaging videos and provides a smooth experience


  • Forever free plan available
  • Standard: $12 per user per month
  • Pro: $28 per user per month
  • Unlimited: $76 per user per month
  • Enterprise plan: Customize according to your business standards

4. Pictory AI

Pictory AI - Sora Alternative

At number 4, we have Pictory. This is a fantastic tool to turn your scripts into videos in the blink of an eye. With Pictory AI, you can create video backgrounds, AI voiceovers, captions, subtitles, and others through texts. Adding to this, the highlighted feature of this stunning tool is resizing the videos according to the different social media platforms. It includes Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc. Premium users get access to the additional features; however, people are allowed to make only short videos with the free plan.

Key Features of Pictory AI

  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • It lets users to make videos from the texts effortlessly
  • Offers vast library for adding music to the videos
  • Adding music to videos is easy through the songs in Pictory’s library
  • Users can pick from any different styles for the videos
  • People can directly share their videos on social media


  • Free trial available
  • Starter: $19 per month
  • Professional: $39 per month
  • Teams: $99 per month

5. Descript

Descript - Sora Alternative

Descript is one of the best alternatives for Sora. It is an all-in-one editing tool for videos and audio. Various tools allow users to create and edit videos of professional quality; Descript is one of them. You can save your precious time with Descript AI as it adds subtitles automatically to the videos. Some users, however, find the learning curve difficult. While, others claim that it has limited avatar selection. Take a glance at the features and pricing to avail the best plan to create high-quality videos.

Key Features of Descript

  • Turns text into a video quickly
  • Effective editing features for easy video editing
  • Can add subtitles to your videos and make them more accessible
  • Cut off the need for multiple tools that save your time
  • Automatic subtitles for videos
  • Ensures enhanced performance and smooth experience


  • Free plan available
  • Creator plan: $12 per month
  • Pro plan: $24 per month
  • Enterprise plan: Customize according to the business

6. Deepbrain AI

Deepbrain AI - Sora Alternative

Are you looking for lively motion pictures? Then, you must opt for the best AI generative tool, Deepbrain AI. This tool lets you create high-quality, engaging videos through simple words. Yes, you don’t need to put in a lot of effort while using this tool. Users get mind-blowing results, and its exceptional features make this a great alternative to OpenAI’s Sora. Thus, take a glance and give it a try! On the other hand, some users may feel it is expensive, so choose it if it meets your requirements. It doesn’t offer a free trial. Hence, it is important to give it a thought prior to committing to this tool in 2024.

Key Features of Deepbrain AI

  • Lets you create high-quality professional videos
  • Allows users to add special effects and styles to make the video unique
  • Includes a license, so making videos for business is easy
  • Generates animated videos through texts
  • Select from various characters like animals and people


  • Starter: $24 per month
  • Pro: $180 per month
  • Enterprise plan: For customizing options

7. Elai.io

Elaiio - Sora Alternative

Elai.io is one of the best alternatives for OpenAI Sora! You can choose from various characters and templates according to your message style with Elai.io. For example, if you want to create unique educational content, you can use Elai.io for different AI characters. It offers a wide array of unique templates that are pretty useful for beginners. This tool saves a lot of time and effort. However, text-to-video features are not advanced compared to other AI tools. Also, beginners may be required to spend more time learning this AI tool.

Key Features of Elai.io

  • Unique AI characters
  • It gives the flexibility to choose from many options, styles, and tones
  • Easy to make videos for business purposes
  • Different templates for a smooth video creation process
  • Access to a wide range of stock footage and images
  • Simple editing tools and transition effects enhance your videos


  • Free plan available
  • Basic: $23 per month
  • Advanced: $100 per month
  • Enterprise plan: Customized according to the business needs

8. NovelAI

NovelAI - Sora Alternative

NovelAI is yet another powerful tool that perfectly substitutes Sora. It is a perfect alternative for the OpenAI Sora video-creating tool. This specialized software allows you to unlock your full potential. You can create videos and images for your creative stories, scripts, and other captions. NovelAI creates realistic images that can also be customized according to the user’s demands. For instance, you can pick the color, style, and resolution options. Interesting, isn’t it? Yeah, give it a try!

Key Features of NovelAI

  • Allows for customizable options that users can utilize according to their choices
  • It can help secure the writing and expand the story’s potential
  • Image generation and virtual companionship is a breeze with NovelAI
  • AI-assisted authorship and customizable AI output
  • AI module training
  • LLM powered sandbox


  • Free trial available
  • Tablet: $10 per month
  • Scroll: $15 per month
  • Opus: $25 per month

9. InVideo

InVideo - Sora Alternative

InVideo is yet another wonderful alternative to Sora. In this digital realm, numerous creative minds have already become versatile content creators, thanks to advanced technology and tools like InVideo. InVideo is the best platform that offers multiple templates and stock pictures. The learning curve is comparatively easy. This implies that beginners can log in and start creating videos. Most importantly, sharing your unique creation is a breeze with InVideo. You can easily share the generated video directly on your social media handle. Explore the special features and pricing to light up your content reaction journey.

Key Features of InVideo

  • Easy to use and have lots of video formats
  • Share the videos straight from the tool to social media handle
  • Easy learning curve
  • Offer many advanced features


  • Free plan available
  • Business: $15 per month
  • Unlimited: $30 per month

10. Synthesia

Synthesia - Sora Alternative

Last but not least is Synthesia. Synthesia is the MUST-HAVE AI tool for video creators. Yes, it’s the best alternative for OpenAI’s Sora. Similar to other generative AI tools, simple texts are enough to create unique videos. You can tailor your creation as per your choice using this tool. You can create videos in various languages, accents, and dialects thanks to the platform’s diverse features. In addition, this tool can also sync the audio to the avatar’s facial expression and lip moments, making the final output look more realistic and unique.

Key Features of Synthesia

  • Offers a vast selection of different characters, such as cartoons, robots, or others, to make the videos extraordinary
  • Easily make videos for different concepts in various styles
  • Lets you apply your brand’s logos or colors to the videos
  • Lets users customize videos in different languages, dialects, and accents


  • Starter: $22 per month
  • Creator: $67 per month
  • Enterprise plan: Cost varies depending on the customized business needs

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The Ending Note

These are the 10 best Sora alternatives you can use in 2024 and beyond that. All of these tools offer you unique features that help tremendously in your content creation journey.

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace the futuristic way of creating video content with the best alternatives of OpenAI’s Sora. Nowadays, many people dream of becoming digital content creators. If you are also one of them, then this is the right time to be a successful digital content creator. All you have to do is to harness the power of generative AI to unleash your creativity. Utilizing them can help you witness new heights in your marketing and digital influencer journey. Thus, give life to your perceptions and turn your dreams into reality through these technological advancements!

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