25+ Best Fintech Companies to Work in 2024

Best Fintech Companies to Work

The companies mentioned are the best fintech companies to work for as the list includes a wide range of employers, such as direct mortgage lenders, wealth management software developers, payment platforms, digital banks, and small business lenders. The most common factor in all the companies is the personal connection that pulls in the talent from all around them, which is not location bounded. The companies make all the employees feel connected and important, and this even applies to employees working remotely for the company. We have highlighted the main features of leading companies below:-

1. Self financial INC.

  • US employees – 255
  • CEO- James Garvey
  • Delaware location- Austin, tex
  • Business- technology
  • Products and services
  • Website-eselfCreditApp

Employee benefits and cultural value

  • Unlimited time for snacks, drinks, and gym membership.
  • Motivate challenge and empowered oh employees

2. T- REX

  • USA employees- 18
  • CEO and founder- Benjamin Cohen
  • Location- njc
  • Business- technology solutions
  • Website- T Rex group.com

Employee benefits and cultural values

  • Unlimited sick leave, games, and movie nights, 20 plus days of vacation; and happy hours
  • Strive to inspire and develop the employees to get the best out of them by creating a positive, fair, transparent, and inclusive work environment.

3. Payrailz

  • USA employees- 33
  • CEO-Fran Duggan
  • Location- Glastonbury, conn
  • Business – payments
  • Website- payrailz.com
  • Twitter- epayrailz

Employee benefits and cultural values

  • Built around three basic values of transparency, respect, and integrity.

4. Snappy Kraken

  • US employees- 28
  • CEO- Robert Sofia
  • Location- Ormond Beach, FL a
  • Business- technology service
  • Website- snappykraken.com
  • Twitter- EsnappyKraken
  • Business- technology services

Employee benefits and cultural values

  • Company pays up to $100 a month for renting a place in employees’ city
  • The Company always promotes a remote work environment that’s good for a work-life balance

5. Promotory inter financial network

  • US employees- 198
  • President and CEO- mark jakobsen
  • Location-Arlington, VA
  • Business- technology solutions
  • Website- promnetwork.com
  • Twitter- eProm_Network

Employee benefits and cultural values

  • All the offices of the company have a wellness room, a rooftop deck, a gym, and an employee cafe (with many amenities like TVs, games, and free drinks and snacks).

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6. Fundera

  • US employees- 126
  • CEO- Jared Hecht
  • Location- New York
  • Business -technology and services
  • Website- fundera.com
  • Twitter- efundera

Employee benefits and cultural values

  • The company provides $1000 to the employees to attend workshops and classes to enhance their skills, which helps them to enhance the scope of their career.

7. Fountain city fintech

  • US employees- 15
  • President and CEO- Brian unruh
  • Business- accelerateher
  • Website- NBKC.Com
  • Twitter- enbkcbank

Employee benefits and cultural values

  • Any employee who completes three years of service gets a $500 reward, and after completing fires with the company, they get a $1000 reward.
  • Gradually, when an employee completes 10–18–25 years with the company, they are honored with sabbatical and service rewards.
  • The company is known to follow the policy of employees first.

8. Ignite sales

  • U S employees- 17
  • CEO-George Noga
  • Location Dallas
  • Business- technology services
  • Website ignitesales.com
  • Twitter – ignite sales

Employee benefits and cultural values

  • Health insurance is paid completely by the company and every employee can opt for a stock option

9. Actify

  • US employees- 16
  • CEO- Spencer Sehgal
  • Location- st. Louis park, Minn
  • Business- technology solutions
  • Website- actify.com

Employee benefits and cultural values

  • $75 per month is provided to all the employees for mobile phone usage
  • It is a small company that endeavors to best employees available in the field, by keeping the environment enterprising and fun to work with

10. YCharts

  • US employees- 52
  • President and CEO- sean brown
  • Location – Chicago
  • Website- ycharts.com
  • Twitter- eycharts

Employee benefits and cultural values

  • Intra manual sports-paid in advance for community service events, annual club games, etc.
  • The company does not believe in a typical nine to five work environment. The company makes the work environment memorable and enjoyable.
  • Working is real fun with the company as it formally believes that if the employees are working for long as it should not be boring

11. Better.com

  • US employees- 533
  • Founder and CEO- Vishal Garg
  • Location- new york
  • Business – technology service
  • Website -better.com
  • Twitter- ebetter.com

Employee benefits and cultural values

  • $2500 bonus for household services and childcare.
  • Free snacks, lunch, and dinner included every day
  • More than half of the company executives are women and 54% of the employees are identified as minority

12. Kabbage

  • US employees- 504
  • Co founder and CEO- Robert fortiwein
  • Location- Atlanta
  • Business- technology
  • Products and services
  • Website- kabbage.com
  • Twitter-ekabbage

Employee benefits and cultural value

  • The company takes the most care of the employees by providing medicinal yoga, a gym, massage chairs, beer, and wine on top to soothe the employees.
  • Any employee completing five years with the company this week is paid a sabbatical and an additional $6000.

13. Member driven technologies

  • US employees- 147
  • President and CEO – Larry Nicholas
  • Location- Farmington Hills MI
  • Business- credit union service organization
  • Website- MDT mi.com
  • Twitter- ememberdriven

Employee benefits and cultural values

  • $2100 for the employees who go for the medical coverage and the company pays 100% for medical and dental care of the employees as well as dependents
  • Company provides coaching, training, and cup career development for future growth of the employees. The employees are proud of the work culture and environment.

14. Mpower financing

  • US employees- 129
  • CEO – Emmanuel smadja
  • Location- Washington DC
  • Business- fintech services
  • Website- mpowerfinancing.com
Mpower financing

Employee benefits and cultural values

  • Parental leave is available from the first day an option for work from home for two days every week
  • Constantly working to build a great work culture

15. Facet wealth

  • US employees- 92
  • CEO- Anders Jones
  • Location- Baltimore
  • Business- technology services
  • Website- facetwealth.com
  • Twitter- efacetwealth

Employee benefits and cultural values

The company provides free certified financial planners to every employee and a stock option grant right from day one.

  • Company is committed to balancing work and personal life and nine to five is not required.

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16. Bankers Healthcare Group

  • US employees- 532
  • CEO- Albert Crawford
  • Business- alternative lending
  • Website- bankerhealthcaregroup.com
  • Twitter- eBHGstat.com

Employee benefits and cultural values

  • 100% medical premium is paid by the company for both full-time and part-time employees who work for 30 plus hours, and the medical premium is applicable for the dependants as well.
  • Employees are welcome to give their ideas and options to the lenders as the company always maintains an open-door policy.

17. Apiture

  • US employees- 174
  • President- Christopher Cox
  • Location- Wilmington, NC
  • Business- technology solutions
  • Website- apiture.com

Employee benefits and cultural values

  • 100% insurance cover for the employees and their family members
  • The work culture in the company is creative and innovative

18. 280 cap markets

  • Us employees- 58
  • CEO- gurinder atiluwalia
  • Location- San Francisco
  • Business- technology solutions
  • Website- 280capmarkets.com

Employee benefits and cultural values

  • Company provides access to various training and development programs at no cost offered by skill set
  • Employees have the liberty to opt for flexible work schedules that include sick time, PTO, and unlimited vacations.

19. NOVO

  • US employees- 19
  • CEO-Michael Rangel
  • Location- New York
  • Business- technology services
  • Website- banknovo.com
  • Twitter- banknovo

Employee benefits and cultural values

  • Charity supporters, snacks, masseuses, pancake breakfasts made by the CTO and CEO
  • The company believes in giving freedom to all the employees and treats them well like entrepreneurs

20. Redtail technology

  • US employees- 97
  • CEO- Brian McLaughlin
  • Location- Sacramento, calif
  • Business- technology solutions
  • Website- corporateredtailtechnology.com
  • Twitter- EredtailCRM
Redtail technology

Employee benefits and cultural values

  • 100% paid healthcare, gym and cell phone reimbursement, and free meals
  • Redtail always has been a company where employees enjoyed spending their days

21. MX

  • Us employees- 293
  • CEO and founder- Ryan Caldwell
  • Location- Lehi, Utah
  • Website- mx.com
  • Twitter- emx

Employee benefits and cultural values

  • Regularly scheduled breakfast and lunch; dinner available for employees working late hours; and unlimited PTO.
  • The company has deep-rooted values like enthusiastic contribution, trust foundation, positivity for work and personal life, interactive innovations, and equality in the discussion.

22. Bank 02k innovation Labs

  • US employees- 42
  • President- Marcio deoliveira
  • Location—St. Petersburg, Fla
  • Business- Technology products
  • Website- O2K.com/labs
  • Twitter- Ebank02k

Employee benefits and cultural values

  • Free savings account and checking, free Starbucks
  • The employees can join the ongoing training program of the company. They can even flex for working on their passion projects

23. SmartBiz Coans

  • US employees- 118
  • CEO- Evan Singer
  • Location- San Francisco
  • Business- Technology products and services
  • Website- Smartbizloans.com
  • Twitter- esmartbizloans
SmartBiz Coans

Employee benefits and cultural values

  • 100% premium paid healthcare for all the employees and dependents, healthcare includes dental vision treatment as well. unlimited beverages, coffee, snacks, and 3 meals per week by the company.
  • The company has built a passionate, talented, and diverse team that works together.


There are many great fintech companies to work for in 2024. However, the best one for you may depend on your specific skills and interests. Do your research to find the company that best fits your needs. They also have excellent employee benefits and are always looking for talented individuals to join their team. If you’re looking for a great place to work in the fintech industry, be sure to check out one of these companies. You may also want to consider working for a start-up fintech company. These companies are often more innovative and offer greater opportunities for career growth.