10 Important HR Trends in 2024 to Improve Employee Value

The last few years have brought multiple changes in HR trends. The main reasons are the working from home trend, the COVID pandemic, and the increased modifications in the companies that have changed the functioning of HR. The pandemic has changed the style of work. 2021 was a year of reining in HR and strengthening its new role. 2024 is going to be the year to add value to its work.

Learning from the COVID pandemic aside, HR tech trends and HR training always play the most important role in building the future of any organisation.

Here are some important trends put together for 2024.

HR Trends to Improve Employee Value

1. Office Hybrid

In a survey conducted in June 2020 to find the plans of the companies post-COVID. The results revealed that 47% of the companies were ready to allow their employees to work remotely in the post-pandemic days.

A hybrid office is one of the emerging trend in hr in 2024, which offers a flexible approach to organising the workplace. Many leading companies like Hubspot are offering all three options to their employees: @ flex @ office @ home. The employees are allowed to choose any option available.

2. Reexamine employee experience

With the pandemic, the employee experience concept has shifted from working at the office to providing quality work from home or anywhere. A recent survey conducted in 2024 reveals that companies will concentrate on building trust and strong leadership among the current employees in the current scenario.

Such survey results are not surprising at all, as everyone wants a supportive and dependable environment during uncertain times. Many companies in the US give a fixed amount as a bonus if the employee buys a gift for the family or takes the family out for a party.

Another popular incentive that continues is the HR technology trends in the US delivering food to the employee’s house, so they save time on grocery shopping and cooking. This gesture demonstrates that the company is very responsive and supportive in tough times.

3. Concentrating on the employee’s well-being

During the pandemic, all the employees worked for the company with a lot of negative news around them, and it had an adverse effect on their physical and mental health.

So, the HR tech trends of 2024 need to spotlight the mental and physical health of employees.

4. Digital Transition

Traditionally, HR processes depend on face-to-face communication, with a lot of meetings and a lot of paperwork. But post-COVID, many are successfully undergoing a digital transformation from the grass root level.

Digital technology is improving the work efficiency of all employees. Digital transformation is a time-consuming process as a company can never be fully transformed. This emerging trend in hr will be expanded to support the way employees live and work in the coming period.

The ultimate goal of the HR technology trend should be to support the employees to make the work atmosphere stress-free for them using technology.

digital transformation in hr

5. Cybersecurity is critical.

Technology has made work easier for employees, but it has also paved the way for a lot of threats in the form of hacking, theft, and security breaches. Cyber security breaches are disastrous and cause huge losses for companies. The most surprising sensitive fact is that more than half of the employees tend to steal sensitive data after leaving the job.

HR professionals can play an important role in tackling the problem of cybercrime at work. They can assist the IT team in developing and cultivating guidelines as well as security policies across the company. The HR team should be well trained on the cyber security protocols.

The HR team should close all the online accounts of the employees leaving the company, and the HR should make sure to take strict disciplinary action against the current employees who don’t follow the protocol. Cybersecurity should be the top tech trend in 2024.

6. Taking decisions based on the data

Taking data-driven decisions is one of the leading HR tech trends as it allows HR to prioritise and pipe resources into the highest impact areas. If the HR team is data-driven in their decision-making, they can identify the root cause of all the problems.

Predictive analytics helps the team prepare for the future, and data-driven decisions are more accurate, which saves the company money.

7. Modifying the hiring process

HR plays a major role in the hiring process. It can help the company to increase the quality and retention of its employees. The recruitment process is the top HR Tech trend as the team considers all the important factors like the size of the company, the short-term goals and the long-term goals of the company, the type of business companies are running, under what industry the organisation coma and much more.

HR improves the selection process in the below-mentioned points.

  • improves the selection process by removing the candidates who don’t fit the bill.
  • Increases the company’s chances of selecting the right candidate.
  • Expand the pool of prospective candidates.
  • Mainly, HR allows the appropriate supply to meet the demand.
  • HR technology provides the best candidates for the company.

8. Making Social Media a Priority

In the current scenario, social media is a major source of communication. Social recruiting is one of the current trend in hr management.

In the modern world, social media has changed the lives of people all around the world tremendously. Gone are the days when companies used to advertise for a job in a newspaper or on their website and then sit back and wait.

Now there are many social media applications for this purpose. HR technology also digs into the background of the applicant on social media and also knows what people think and say about the candidate.

As many apps as Zoom, Google Meet, and others, social media also assists HR in coordinating with their branches in various cities and countries.

Social media has many more benefits for HR tech trends than the eye can see, as they can use social media to save time and money.

9. Offer child care benefits

Child care benefits are becoming a key factor for all working parents when they decide on their new job. A job that offers child care is a favourite among job seekers with children.

Childcare is important in HR trends as companies providing child care increase with the productivity of their employees as they are not worried about their child’s safety and financial security.

The employee thinks positively about the company and won’t think of changing the job.

10. Taking care of the employee’s needs

Taking good care of the employees working for the company is one of the current trend in hr management of 2024. It’s important to make the employee feel special for the company because they spend a lot of time at work with their seniors and colleagues.

It is crucial for HR to take care of the employees as it increases productivity. When the needs like flexible work location and customised working hours are not fulfilled, the talented employees may leave the job and the company will be on the losing side.

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Q1. How can HR improve an employee’s work experience?

A good employee experience is very good for the company as it increases productivity and the employee is associated with the company for the long term possible.

The atmosphere of the office plays a crucial role in the work efficiency of the employee, just as the chairs in the office should be comfortable. The temperature should be well balanced in the office for a pleasant work experience. The office and the canteen must be clean and hygienic. HR should not only take care of the salary but also take care of the benefits like health insurance, training, employee wellness programmes, and even be flexible in all other ways possible to benefit the employees.

Q2. What are the new and improvised roles and purposes of the physical workplace?

Many employees have gotten used to the work from home concept due to the pandemic, but in many cases, companies want them to work from the office due to privacy issues. HRs have to provide them with a pleasant work experience so they get used to working for the company.

Q3. What are the biggest challenges for HR in 2024?

The challenges and responsibilities of HR have increased many-fold post-pandemic. Now they need to take care of the physical and mental wellness of the employees and get them out of the COVID blues.

Attracting new talent to the company and retaining experienced employees is always the top priority of the HR tech trend.

Q4. What is the importance of artificial intelligence in HRM?

Artificial intelligence plays a dominant role in HRM, as it uses pre-planned algorithms to make important decisions.

Artificial intelligence offers many applications, and a major few are mentioned below:

  • Talent acquisition and recruitment.
  • Orientation of the recruits
  • Training the recruits
  • Enhancement of employee experience
  • Leadership


These 10 HR trends offer a roadmap to a thriving work environment, talent acquisition, and maximizing your workforce potential in 2024. Prioritizing employee well-being, continuous learning, and adapting to the shifting workplace landscape are crucial. By embracing these trends, HR teams can propel their businesses forward in a competitive and ever-changing world.