Ways to Fix ChatGPT ‘503 Service Temporarily Unavailable’ Error for Free and Plus

Ways to Fix ChatGPT 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable Error for Free and Plus

ChatGPT is the most talked about Artificial Intelligence software that has gathered the utmost attention ever since it is launched. And why not? After all, the tool stands out when it comes to creating content on the go. Many people, especially content creators, marketers, SEO specialists harness the power of ChatGPT for creating compelling content. However, you will be surprised to know that, at times, this tool also starts to act up.

Yes, many users have complained of facing an unexpected issue while logging into the account. The issue that crops up is 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable.’ Both paid and free users have encountered this problem. If you have been encountering the same problem, then this post is for you. Yes, you don’t need to worry if you also encounter this error. We have suggested some troubleshooting tips that can fix this issue on ChatGPT free as well as the Plus version instantly. Read this post until the end to learn how to resolve the issue. Let’s dive in…

Before we take a look at the tips to resolve the issue, let’s first understand what exactly is 503 error. Here we go…

What is 503 Error – Service Temporarily Unavailable in ChatGPT?

The 503 Error- Service Temporary Unavailable is a common error code that occurs when your web server is unable to handle the request. This is a temporary issue. Majorly it occurs due to the website’s downtime, network outage, or if the site is under maintenance. However, if there is any technical glitch in your software or any other issue with your web browser, you need to fix the issue. With the help of the right troubleshooting tips, you can get rid of the issue in no time. Let’s now take a look at the tips. Here we go…

How to Fix ChatGPT ‘503 Service Temporarily Unavailable’ Error

Here are several fixes that can help you get rid of the ChatGPT ‘503 Services Temporarily Unavailable’ error. You can use these tips to fix the error and enjoy using ChatGPT effortlessly. Take a look at the fixes.

Fix No. 1: Check the Internet Connection

Presumably, you know that a high-speed internet connection is a MUST for using any online tool. Make sure you have connected your device to a high-speed internet connection. Often, the ChatGPT displays the message ‘503 service temporarily unavailable’ due to a low-speed internet connection or no internet connectivity. To rule out the issue, you should switch to a robust internet connection or Wi-Fi internet. Moreover, you can get high internet signals with routers as they aid in building a robust home internet connection. As a result, the ChatGPT will not again display the same error message when you try to log in to the account.

Fix No. 2: Do the Hard Refresh

Sometimes ChatGPT encounters a network outage due to which it shows the 503 error. This blocks many ChatGPT users from accessing its free and paid services. If you view the error message “503 service temporarily unavailable’ while signing in to the account, you should head over to the website https://status.openai.com/. Here, you will come to know the ChatGPT server downtime/uptime status. At this stage, you can hard refresh. By doing the hard refresh, you can try to access its free and paid generative AI services. Follow the steps outlined below to do the hard refresh on different devices:

For Mac Users

  • If you use Google Chrome or Firefox browser, press Command +Shift+R.
  • But, if you use the Safari browser, you should press Command+ Rto do the hard refresh.

For PC Users

Enable the hard refresh with keys Ctrl+F5 on Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox

For Android Mobile Phones

Do the hard refresh by clearing the cache and cookies of the ChatGPT app to fix the error. Go over the following steps to clear the cache and cookies of the app on an Android phone:

Step 1: Navigate to the Settings of your phone

Step 2: Select the option Apps/App Management

Step 3: Look for the ChatGPT app and hit it

Step 4: Tap Storage

Step 5: Then, tap Clear Cache

For iOS Devices

Follow these steps to clear the cache of the ChatGPT app on iPhone:

Step 1: Go to the phone’s app list

Step 2: Then, navigate to the Settings

Step 3: Select the option General

Step 4: Then, select iPhone Storage

Step 5: Choose the ChatGPT app to clear its cache

Step 6: Then, hit the option ‘Offload App’ to clear the cache

Fix No. 3: Use an Alternative Device or Private Window

If you’re still juggling with the error, try using an alternative device or private Window. Yes, using an alternative device to access ChatGPT can sometimes fix the error. Possibly, you might have encountered the issue of 503 service temporarily unavailable due to your browser data glitch. If you do not have an alternative device, test ChatGPT via the incognito or private Window. This will help you overcome the error. Ultimately, you will avail the benefit of its free or paid service without any hassle.

Fix No. 4: Clear the Browser Cache and Cookies

As we have discussed earlier, the cause of the message 503 service temporarily unavailable error on ChatGPT can be the browser data glitch. If that is the case, you should clear the cache and cookies of the browser data to troubleshoot the issue. Follow the steps below to clear cache and cookies on different browsers:


Step 1: Open the Firefox browser

Step 2: Navigate to the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) located on the upper-right corner

Step 3: Click the option Settings> Privacy and Security> Clear Data

Step 4: Make sure that you have selected all browser’s cache and cookies

Step 5: Click Clear to clear them


Step 1: Go to the Chrome browser

Step 2: Navigate to the three dots placed in the upper right corner of the browser

Step 3: Select the option More

Step 4: Look for the option Clear Browsing Data

Step 5: Select the time range

Microsoft Edge

Step 1: Open your Microsoft Edge Browser

Step 2: Click the hamburger icon that is located in the top right corner of the screen

Step 3: Select the option Privacy, Search, and Services

Step 4: Choose the option Choose What to Clear

Step 5: Ensure that you have selected all cookies and cache

Step 6: Click Clear Cache to fix the browser data glitch

MacOs Safari (Clear Cache Data)

Step 1: Go to the Safari browser

Step 2: Navigate to the option History

Step 3: Choose Clear History

Step 4: Then, hit the menu bar

Step 5: Select everything to delete Mac cache history

MacOS Safari (Clear Cookies Data)

Step 1: Head over to the Safari browser

Step 2: Navigate to Settings

Step 3: Choose Privacy

Step 4: Select Manage Websites

Step 5: Then, click on the option Remove All. And you are done!

Fix No. 5: Flush out the DNS Cache

Another possible cause that can trigger the issue of ‘503 service temporarily unavailable’ on ChatGPT is the DNS. Maybe your DNS cache has corrupted, or there is an unresponsive DNS server or corrupted IP address. In such a situation, it is advisable to flush out the DNS cache. Here are the steps to flush out the DNS cache. This troubleshooting tip will truly help you sort out the issue instantly.

Steps to Flush Out DNS Cache on Microsoft Windows

Step 1: Navigate to the Start on your Microsoft Windows

Step 2: Select Command Prompt

Step 3: Let the Command Prompt open on your computer’s screen

Step 4: Write ipconfig/flushdddns in the box

Step 5: Hit the Enter key

As soon as you will hit the enter key you will get rid of DNS cache, you will also get a confirmation on the screen stating that the procedure has successfully flushed out the DNS cache.

Steps to Flush Out DNS Cache on macOS

Step 1: Press the Command +Space

Step 2: Enter Terminal

Step 3: Enter the command given below:

Sudo dscacheutil-flushshecache; sudo killall-HUP mDNSResponder

The moment you enter the Prompt, the DNS cache will be flushed out. You can view a confirmation message about the DNS cache flush out on the screen itself.

Fix No. 6: Reset the Firewall Software

Sometimes, firewall software blocks suspicious traffic on your web browser, in addition to malicious sites. It may have blocked ChatGPT’s site as well. Therefore, you see the message ‘503 service temporarily unavailable’ while accessing it. Generally, this happens when there are faulty firewall configuration settings. Go over the following steps to learn how to reset the Firewall software on Windows:

Steps to Reset the Firewall Software on Windows

Step 1: Go to the Start menu search bar

Step 2: Look for the Control Panel

Step 3: Select the Best Match

Step 4: Then, choose the option View by in the drop-down menubar

Step 5: You have two options: Small icons and Large icons. Select any one of them

Step 6: Now, choose the Windows Defender Firewall

Step 7: Click the Restore Defaults to reset the Firewall Settings

Step 8: Follow other on-screen instructions to complete the whole procedure

Steps to Reset the Firewall Software on MacBook

Here are the steps that you should follow to reset the Firewall software on your MacBook:

Step 1: Go to the Apple Menu icon

Step 2: Select the option System Settings

Step 3: Click on the Network option given in the sidebar

Step 4: Then, look for the Firewall option on the right-hand side

Step 5: Click on it to reset its settings

Step 6: Find out whether ChatGPT has blocked

Step 7: Remove it from the blocked list

Step 8: Now, check if you can access the ChatGPT without any error once again

Last Few Words

In a nutshell, ChatGPT is one of the best AI tools for helping a wide range of people, businesses, and others. There is no doubt that ChatGPT is going to stay for long and help people around owing to its efficiency in producing human-written content or real-life-like images. However, its efficiency becomes subject to the issue because of the 503 service code. In this article, we have discussed all possible troubleshooting tips that can help you get rid of the issue instantly. You can utilize these fixes to get rid of the issue and leverage the benefits of its free and plus features as per your chosen plans.

Happy Fixing… 😊 😊

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