Golden Ratio and it’s Relation with Web & UI Design

Relation with Web & UI Design

Golden ratio in simple terms can be defined as the mathematical constant appearing on regular basis in nature and art work. Golden Ratio is well known by many names like Golden Rectangle, Section, Divine, and Ratio. It is called to be special as its occurrence takes place in the nature without intervention.

Relation of Golden Ratio with Web Design

Golden Ratio very well applies for the Web Design too. The devices like Desktop, tablets and smart phones are benefited from the Golden Ratio too. Golden ratio enables the measuring of webpage’s header, footer, main content and the sidebar which will then help in fitting the pixel dimensions close to perfect ratio. Golden Ratio can be used by the web designer in setting up the elements of the given webpage of the site in order to use golden rectangles. Other than this, Golden Ratio can be applied to enable the use of some complex techniques like typography, logo and branding design. Golden Ratio will not always bring you success. But if a great looking user interface is accompanied with the golden ratio, the combination of these two can deliver amazing results without even affecting the site’s functionality.

Relation of Golden ratio with User Interface

Golden Ratio can be effectively used in website or logo, so why can it be used in User Interface? Logos Golden Ratio is more often used by many designers to design their logos. Logo mad with including the dimensions of golden ratio helps in creating a huge impact in the mind of the viewers and thereby it enables to increase the popularity of the brand. Golden ratio is accepted by almost whole of the world as it can be incorporated easily while we build the wireframes. Use of golden ratio gives you the assurance that the content you need to display well will be prioritized added to this, the demand of the layout will be met without even working more on design initially. With the Golden Ratio being flexible, you can use it to make design layouts even without fixing the numbers.

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