Google Has Banned 17 Apps From The Play Store For Targeting Indian Users

Google Has Banned 17 Apps From The Play Store For Targeting Indian Users

There is no time when Google is not in the news. Recently, the tech giant made rounds for its newest AI model, Gemini. Now, there is news that 17 apps banned by Google from both the Google Play Store and App Store.

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Google Banned 17 App from the Play Store

Google has banned 17 apps from both the Play Store and App Store. According to reports, there are a total of 18 apps, out of which 17 apps were removed from both the Play Store and App Store. There is still one application that remains available exclusively on the App Store for Apple devices.

All of these apps have been launched in Africa, Latin America, and South Asia.

But WHY?

According to Google, all 17 apps are fraudulent applications designed specifically to secretly gather user data, including photos and videos, from their devices. Some of them are deceptive loan apps that aim to extort money from users by blackmailing them into paying additional funds.

These apps have duplicate app interfaces. Many people download and apply for loans or other benefits using these apps without knowing that these apps are owned by some fraudulent companies. These companies collect users’ information and engage in fraudulent activities with users once they start using these apps.

After conducting a thorough review of all these apps, Google decided to completely remove all 17 apps from the Google Play Store and App Store. As we all know, the tech giant is very particular about users’ safety. Google decided to remove 17 apps in order to prioritize the safety and security of user data.

Let’s now take a look at the comprehensive list of applications that have been removed from the Play Store and App Store.

17 Apps Banned By Google

The 17 apps that have been banned by Google include:

  • AA KRedit
  • Amor Cash
  • Guaya Cash
  • Easy Credit
  • Cashwow
  • Credibus
  • Flash Loan
  • Préstamos Crédito
  • Préstamos De Crédito-Yumicash
  • Go Crédito
  • Instantáneo Préstamo
  • Cartera Grande
  • Rápido Crédito
  • Finupp Lending
  • 4S Cash
  • True Naira
  • Easy Cash

So, these are the apps that have been removed from Google Play Store and App Store by Google. If you notice, you will find that almost all the apps are loan- or credit-related applications meant for fraudulent and should be prevented from spyware activities.

If you are currently using any of these apps, it is crucial that you delete them immediately from your device to ensure the safety of your data.

It is highly likely that there will be many more such apps on the Play Store and App Store. Hence, it is crucial that you exercise precaution whenever downloading a new app.

Here are some important precautions to keep in mind when installing a new app. Take a look

Precautions When Downloading An App

Use only secured app. Refrain from installing applications from sources other than the official Google Play Store. Many apps do not disclose their original company information and may still collect your personal data, posing a significant risk to your privacy.

Check the permissions that it requests. Do not download an app that requests more information than is necessary.

Deny permission to access your storage media, photos, and videos on your device when installing an app. Grant permission for only necessary information that is required for the app to function properly. If permission is not required, it is advisable to deny it outright.

When it comes to finance-related apps, it is recommended that you download only the genuine application provided by the official source, such as a renowned nationalized bank or financial institution.

Lastly, try to find out the source of the application. If there is no source mentioned, discard the app immediately.

Safety Matters! Be safe in this digital world by adhering to the precautions provided in this post

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