How Much Does It Cost To Design a Mobile App?

How Much Does It Cost To Design a Mobile App?

We know that technology is growing at an immense rate nowadays, people have started to migrate from traditional web applications or websites to mobile applications. Now let’s get straight to the question of design. How much does it cost to design a mobile application and what all factors are involved in it.

In today’s modern world, almost every electronic device, whether it be your music player, car engine to something which keeps a check on your diet and manages your daily expenses all of them are just mobile applications. Like earlier times, say not more than eight to ten years ago, people never considered mobile application development to be a growing industry. This isn’t the case now, you’ll find the use of mobile applications everywhere.

What are the deciding factors for the cost of the mobile application?

The most important and invaluable is the Research that helps us to create the application which would act as the solution to any particular problem. Having a good knowledge of the target users, the market can’t just be valued.

The next factor which many people ignore in the phase of application development is the wireframing or the prototyping. There are people who tend to skip this step just for cost cutting reasons. This is one of the most important phases in application development as this would lay the foundation for design implications, usability testing, validation of various test cases and many other factors. Tools which can be used are Adobe CC, Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD.

The last step is development of the end product i.e the mobile application. This step has two deciding factors for the cost of the mobile application which are cross platform implementation and marketing support.

Estimated cost?

The UI designer rates generally vary in different parts of the globe, taking into account the average pricing, it comes to $75/ hour to get a UI designer who can manage to do work in decent time and with great quality.

The costs vary as it depends on the complexity i.e logo design, button styling, the fonts used etc. The second category that comes to determine the price of the application is the development charges. Nowadays the number of developers are increasing day by day and their average price would be around $4000 for the total development of the application.

Here the category can be divided into three, firstly a simple application i.e $4000 , the next category would be a medium complexity application which can cost around $10000 and the development duration would be nearly 200-300 hours. Lastly, a complex application is usually over $20000 in the designing and development phase which can be completed in over 450+ hours.

At the same time if someone wants to incorporate their application with proper backend and make it cross platform then generally android to iOS conversion rates are 45-60% of the total price.

All of these are the major factors which determine the cost of an application.

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