25 Facts about Developing an App that you must know

25 Facts You Must Know Before Developing an App

Technology has taken our day-to-day lives to the next level. It plays an imperative role in society today and affects how people communicate, learn, and think. We are living in an era of technological advances. These advancements have made daily life more fun and convenient. Some of the popular examples include the internet and smartphones.

Ever since the advent of smartphones, mobile apps have become quite popular. Mobile apps are one of the most sought-after smartphone features that help individuals greatly. You can use these apps for anything, from shopping to entertainment, communication to banking, etc. Besides, these apps are even used for learning. They make learning more interactive and collaborative. Some of the most popular mobile apps include Spotify, Uber, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.

Mobile apps have become an integral part of our daily lives. The marketplace is swamped with all types of mobile apps. Today, even businesses who never thought of developing an app in the past are getting into the game. For businesses, mobile app development has become a necessity.


Of course, to keep up with consumers’ needs and stay ahead of the tech curve!

As such, mobile application development is a vast field. We have rounded up 25 facts about developing an app.

25 Facts about App Development

Fact No.1: There are three types of mobile apps if you categorize them by technology:

  • Native apps: These apps are created for one specific platform or operating system.
  • Web apps: web apps are responsive versions of websites. These apps can work on any mobile device or OS as they’re delivered using a mobile browser.
  • Hybrid apps: These are the combinations of both native and web apps but are wrapped within a native app, making them have their own icon or be downloaded from an app store.

Fact No.2: Mobile apps are used more than websites. According to research, people spend 87% of their time on mobile apps that made mobile app development A MUST for businesses today.

Fact No.3: There are multiple platforms to develop mobile apps. Developing mobile apps on multiple platforms is important to gain an extensive potential audience and maximize earning potential.

Fact No.4: Mobile development platforms provide developers with a single environment possessing all of the tools developers needed to build an app. Most platforms are geared towards creating iOS or Android applications; however, others are cross-platform applications providing an environment with specific native tools.

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Fact No.5: There are different operating systems and various programming languages per platform. Mobile app developers should ensure that the app provides a great user experience and isn’t deleted immediately.

Fact No.6: Interactive app design is essential as people tend to avoid apps with complicated designs. Good mobile app design helps businesses in establishing a good brand.

Fact No.7: Most developers prefer to use iOS for developing mobile apps. According to research, 42% of app developers choose iOS as a mobile app development platform, while 31% choose Android.

Fact No.8: Android is the most bought mobile operating system in the world. According to a study in 2012, 70% of people bought smartphones with Android operating systems. However, iOS is considered superior to Android. Across all competitive points except for cost and the ease to learn, iOS has more advantage over Android.

Fact No.9: 74% of mobile app developers use two or more platforms to develop the app. According to a study in 2011, 80% of developers build apps for Android, iOS, or both. ShutEye, sleep tracking app available for both iOS and Android has been downloaded by 8 million insomniacs worldwide.

Fact No.10: iOS and Android are the two major app development platforms. App developers who avoid developing mobile applications for at least one of the two major platforms generally have half the revenue compared to the ones who do.

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Fact No.11: 63% of millennials make purchases on mobile apps. It is because mobile apps are handy and are easy to use.

Fact No.12: In 2017, the estimated number of app downloads is 269 billion, which would be 33 apps for each person on earth.

Fact No.13: Excluding Chinese third-party app downloads, with nearly 7 billion downloads, India was the leading market for app downloads in Q2 2020, followed by the US with around 3.75 billion, and Brazil with 3 billion downloads.

Fact No.14: According to a study, WhatsApp was the most-downloaded app of 2019 with over 850 million downloads, followed by TikTok with 730 million downloads, and Facebook Messenger with 810 million downloads.

Fact No.15: Ads are the most popular sources of revenue for mobile applications. App advertising revenue has climbed steadily from $9.1 billion in 2016 to $31.9 billion in 2020. Mobile apps are expected to generate more than $935 billion in revenue by 2024.

Fact No.16: There are 2.87 million apps available for download on the Google Play Store, while the Apple App Store has 1.96 million apps for download.

Fact No.17: 21% of Millennials open an app over 50 times a day. In comparison, 49% of people open an app more than 11 times a day.

Fact No.18: The average smartphone owner uses 10 apps each day and 30 apps per month.

Fact No.19: In February 2021, approximately 88.5 thousand mobile apps were released via Google Play Store, thereby making it the lowest number of releases between March 2019 and February 2021.

Fact No.20: The average price of an iOS gaming app in the Apple App Store was 49 cents in March 2021.

Fact No.21: As of 2020, gaming apps were the most popular iOS app category, followed by business apps. Over 22% percent of all available apps were gaming apps followed by business apps with a share of 10.11% of active all apps being business apps.

Fact No.22: Google Play and the Apple App Store are the leading app stores with 3.15 million and 2.1 million available downloadable apps, respectively. According to publishers and mobile app developers, the majority of apps are free to download on app stores.

Fact No.23: Roblox was the top-grossing gaming app that was generating more than 2.5 million US dollars revenue per day as of October 2020.

Fact No.24: The number of application downloads from the Android Play Store is significantly higher than The App Store. It is because there are more Android owners than iPhone owners.

Fact No.25: More than 65% of mobile users spend a majority of their time on social media apps.

In conclusion, these are the 25 facts about apps you must know before developing an app. I hope these facts about apps will help you while developing your next mobile app. And if you find any challenge in developing an app, you can contact us! WeeTech Solutions can be of great help to you.

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