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6 Myths of App Development and How to Avoid Them

6 Myths of App Development and How to Avoid Them

Mobile apps trend is increasing at a higher pace in the current market. With such increasing trends, the more number of challenges are being face not only by the new but even the pioneer developers. There is a gap between learning how to create and understanding the common issues being faced while doing so. Bridging the gap effectively can lower down the number of challenges being faced. This article will ensure you on how to deal with app development myths along with viable solutions to the challenges faced.

1. You need to know everything in Prior

Building a mobile app does not require you to possess a doctorate degree in mobile app development process. Even if your skills are not updated there is no need to worry. Finding the right mobile developers with creative and imaginative skills will help you with your requirements. Partnering with strategic app developer will help you meet your needs.

2. Developing an app is not time consuming

Time consumed in the development of an app depends on the type of app you wish to build. An app with simple features and functions requires a week or two may be. Taking the help of professional app developers can prove to be beneficial in this case. On an average complete mobile app takes around 6-12 weeks to start functioning. Hiring a professional app developer can help you meet your needs in a realistic time frame.

3. Mobile Development does not cost much

The price of your app depends on your requirements. With more functionalities and integration the cost is bound to be more. Before finalising your app development partner, conducting a research will help you with the best offerings in the market. Communicating with the developers by making them aware of your needs can give you a better clarity on the cost.

4. Building an app brings an end to your efforts

It’s one of the biggest misconceptions that the process of app development comes to an end once it’s built. But even after it’s built it requires undergoing various tests in order to fix all the bugs.

5. Apps are for Smartphone only

Smartphone market is booming but it doesn’t states that apps are only for it. Apps are also useful for other devices like tablets and wearable devices. Technology is getting advanced day by day. Whether it’s a smartphone, table or smart watches hardly matters, the thing which matters is the accessibility of the apps on all the devices.

6. Mobile App markets on its own when its built

One of the important phases of mobile app is its marketing and promotion. With more than 50 billion apps in the app store, the marketing strategies demand to be effective. Marketing of the app can be focused on before the launch of your app and consulting your app development partner will help you with this. It’s advisable to wait till your app gets listed in the mobile app store and is properly analysed. Before the release of your app, if the users are already aware of your app, then they might spread the bad word about your app which may end up with no returns to your page.


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