Kotlin Language – An exciting update in Android Technology

Kotlin Language - An exciting update in Android Technology

17th May 2017 was the day when the CEO of Google Mr. Sundar Pichai and his team made a big announcement and the launch of Kotlin language was a part of this announcement. The launch of Kotlin for android developers has brought a lot of opportunities for the mobile app developers all across the globe.

Kotline is astatically typed programming language which has been create to work on the solutions of practical issues which are being faced by the programmers working in the IT industry. Kotlin is said to be a powerful language and quite interesting too. It favours in providing support to null ability and immutability. It has solved lot of problems which the Android app developers faced before its launch. It is called to be one of the latest open source programming languages for Java Virtual machines which has also lead to enabling the streamlining Android App Development in a more effective way. Kotlin has laid more emphasis on interoperability accompanied with Java Code and Java Standard library as it was developed with the motive of improving the performance of JetBrains existing solutions.

Kotlin has got a lot of features and benefits which are as follows:

  • Being an open source development platform, it has lead to an enhancement in the speed of development and demands 20% less coding when compared to Java which aids the developers to make their app developing process faster.
  • Kotlin enables you to opt for writing either functional constructs and also you can opt for object oriented style.
  • Kotlin language is quite easy to learn for the developers. Kotlin is simpler compared to Java and is easy for even the fresher to learn it.
  • Kotlin is available for all, be it server side web programming, Client side scripting or Android.
  • One of its biggest advantages is that Kotlin offers interoperability with Java. The usage of Java frameworks and libraries in the new Kotlin projects is allowed with the usage of advanced frameworks without even changing the entire project in Java.
  • Kotlin is said to be Versatile and Secure Language. It helps the developers to avoid errors with the usage of NullPoint Exceptions. Koltin is called to be an efficient language for the developers featured with lot of benefits some of which are built-in null checking, high compatibility with Java Code, to add new functionalities to existing classes it has got extension methods too.
  • Kotlin is available for free for the Android App developers. Without spending even a single penny you can use Kotlin.
  • To convert your present Java files to Kotlin all you need is a Java-to Kotlin converter tool. This is an effective tool useful in changing the complex codes to simpler codes and also helps to save your time.

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