Kotlin and Swift – Is it a whole new era in Mobile App Development?

Kotlin and Swift - Is it a whole new era in Mobile App Development?

Google has finally given an approval on the usage of Kotlin Language for the Android App Development. Over the past few years, introduction of many languages have taken place for both Android and iOS that has lead to a new era in the native mobile app development. Swift was introduced by Apple with Objective C language as the predecessor which was used for the OS X and iOS apps development of in the year 2014. But this did not work well, considering which Swift 2 was introduced taking swift as open source. Swift was seen to overtake Objective C. The release of Swift 3 was a failure as it failed to include Application Binary Interface (ABI).

Kotlin was developed and launched by JetBrains Team, the one who are responsible for producing Android Studio. Kotlin was officially launched in February 2016. Before introducing Kotlin, JetBrains has worked with Java and they had a requirement of new language which could be compatible with Java as lot of JetBrains codebase was found to be written in Java. JetBrains also tried to use Scala before introducing Kotlin. After analysing and experimenting various languages JetBrains introduced their own programming language which was found to be practical, compatible with Java, high level, and was found easily compliable.

The four best things which a Kotlin user must know are:

  • Kotlin is Java Compatible and can leverage JVMs and can also be used for updating and improving enterprise level solutions that has got various codebases written in Java.
  • Kotlin is easy to learn for the one who works with Java. It is very easy for the developers to dive into the coding in Kotlin.
  • Kotlin has got clean and modern syntax which is often compared to Swift too. Swift and Kotlin has got lot of similarities.
  • Kotlin is found to have great IDE

Swift and Kotlin both are seen as acceptable modern languages. When used both the languages are found to bring in a lot of features along with them and some structures too which are not supported by the old languages.

Both Kotlin and Swift are easier to maintain and read, are less verbose, are safer due to strict and strongly types systems which include null ability and also both are more modern when it comes to the use of syntax. Not only are this both also featured with extensions and immutability. They are found to support both procedural and functional programming paradigms which allow developers to use new patterns in their designs.

Looking at the similarities of Swift and Kotlin, SwiftKotlin was introduced as an open source Mac tool which helps you to automatically convert Swift code into Kotlin Code. If you are Kotlin user you are sure to love Swift and vice versa.

So, when we combine all these new features we get to analyse that it is a whole new era that has started already. The developers who are now entering the field of mobile app development will get all these features available and this will also help them to reduce their coding burden of business logic and application flow.

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