Augmented Reality – The Next Revolution in Digital System

Augmented Reality – The Next Revolution in Digital System

Imagine yourself standing in the middle of the streets and trying to identify the 5 star rated restaurants out of all the ones available in that area and all you need to do is hold your phone straight up and your phone captures the reviews of all the restaurants. This is all now possible with Augmented Reality.

We all are well aware with Virtual reality as popular as VR. VR made it possible to give us a glimpse of gaming and entertainment industries with the help of technology by creating an artificial world. With the trend of increasing technology in the modern world introduced Augmented Reality (AR) which modifies our environment and uses more text, images and information overlays. The use of AR has already started in some of the fields like Education, Social Media and Smart phones. By 2025, AR is expected to give us a major business, especially from the fields like hardware, education, software, E-Commerce, TV and film projects, etc.

AR reality is benefiting the whole world in its own ways. Not only the businesses but the consumers like us are also getting benefits of AR in our day to day lives. Let’s dive into the pool of benefits to the business and consumer’s world.

Benefits of AR to the Business and Consumer World

✔ In the existing competitive world, attracting the consumers is a difficult task. AR billboards and Public Advertisements have now made it easier for the business. AR enables the business to create exciting and attractive visual effects. This is evident in businesses increasingly using augmented reality to develop engaging virtual event ideas.

✔ AR also helps the business to serve the customers with the virtual tour of their place even without the customer actually visiting the place. They can get the virtual depiction of the place in their mobile phones while sitting at their home.

✔ AR is also helping the Gaming sector in providing the market with a different experience. AR enables the connection of digital world with the real world considering which Gaming sector can introduce exciting games for the Gamers.

✔ AR has made customization possible. The ads are now more informative, interactive and compelling. AR also allows users to visualize the products in reality. It enables the change of different products on a model to see how it will actually look. Not only this, the customers can even check how the products will look on them using the AR technology which is beneficial for the business to display their products well.

✔ AR helps you make the existing communication assets work even harder by driving the consumers directly to existing promotional collateral such as video, audio and websites, without incurring further costs.

✔ AR helps in the collection of all the required information about the customers which can help you offer each one of them with personalized offers and customised rewards.

✔ It can help you save money as physical elements will now be replaced with the virtual elements which is fully scaled and flexible enough to be modified as per the needs.

✔ The available information supply can be improvised by providing additional information with the help of data, video, sound, games, text, graphics, coupons, links and lot more

✔ AR will also boost social media as the experience users get from AR will compel them to share it on the social media networks benefiting the marketing leverage.