Google releases a very simple yet attractive app to help you draw white lines

Google releases a very simple yet attractive app to help you draw white lines

Google, the Tech Giant keeps on experimenting some or the other things. Google has launched tremendous apps to add ease in the life of the people. The latest app released by the team of Google is simplest of all yet a very attractive one. The app that they have introduced can only help people in Drawing White Lines. Yes, for just drawing a line Google has altogether launched an app. The app has been named as Just a line. It will help you to annotate the world with digital white lines. This will be done with the help of Tilt brush Virtual Reality painting app. Digital white lines can be suspended to space thereon can be anchored to reality.

The major difference and biggest challenge is that majority of the people use ARCore-compatible phones and not the VR headsets due to which it will the first time for them to experience 3D painting.

This app helps users in many ways, and makes drawing easy for them. All they need to do is holding their phones up. Then all they need to do is drawing lines with the use of their fingers. How good is the output and also the interface completely depends on the physical movement of your fingers. The phone is operated as the main operator of this app. This app will also allow users to record the videos of all what they have created. They can test and try out various creations as per their choice. Once done they can download it all and can save it with them.

This app though a very basic is still very useful in terms of drawing various types of lines. All you need to have to access and utilise this app to its best is ARCore –Compatible phone so as to download and use this app in your phone. You also need to be very clear and aware that all this app can give you is perfection in line with various options in types of lines. You cannot expect anything else other than that.

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